Gate Prices Adult $18.50
Child (3-12) No Kids
Takes about 1 hr

The Museum of Sex takes you on an educational journey to the epicenter of human sexuality, around the world, from past to present. Advocating open discourse, the museum displays 15,000 artifacts and perspectives on sexuality from leading scholars, artists, and more.

The mission of the Museum of Sex is to preserve and present the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality. With each new exhibition, the Museum of Sex is committed to addressing a wide range of once taboo topics, while simultaneously highlighting material and artifacts from different cultures, time periods and media. In a short time, the Museum of Sex has received attention from academic institutions, media outlets, and celebrities such as Howard Stern, Jay Leno and Chris Rock - positioning it within the realm of academia and pop culture alike.

Please do not bring children; this museum is for mature audiences only. Located in the former 19th century “Tenderloin” district, the Museum of Sex serves as the landmark of an area previously known for its bordellos, saloons, and dance halls. Aside from displaying artifacts from the sex industry that chronicle the history of sex, the museum also advocates safe-sex practices and informs about some of the sexually transmitted diseases that arise from unsafe sex.