3 Millionth Go City Card Visit Occurs in Chicago

Smart Destinations, the company behind the Go City Cards and Explorer Pass, hit a milestone in August when the 3 millionth visit occurred using one of its products. The visit occurred at Skydeck Chicago using a Go Chicago Card. Skydeck recently opened The Ledge, retractable glass-floored bays that extend over four feet outside the tower to allow visitors to gaze 103 floors straight down from America’s tallest building.  

“We’ve continued to grow strongly in 2009,” said Cecilia Dahl, founder and President of Smart Destinations. “Beyond the savings component of our product we know from our customers that they see this as a way to travel smarter as well as more economically.” Dahl points to markets like Hawaii as a place where relatively well heeled travelers are embracing Smart Destinations’ Go Oahu and Go Maui cards and driving strong growth for the company.

“This is the equivalent of BMW’s in the Costco parking lot or the spread of private sale shopping sites,” said Dahl. “These aren’t customers who need a deal. But they like knowing they have been smart enough to get one.” Smart Destinations has seen growth across its 14 destinations in 2009, from Hawaii and San Diego to Miami and Boston.

The customer making the 3 millionth visit used a Go Chicago Card, one of Smart Destination’s flagship ‘Go City Cards’.  Go City Cards allow a customer to pay a single price and then use the card as their entry ticket to as many as 80 different attractions in a given destination. Smart Destinations other product, the Explorer Pass, similarly allows customers to save time and money by paying once for the card and then using it for a set number of attractions in their destination of choice. The products area available across North America – from Oahu to Boston, San Diego to Toronto, and a dozen top destinations in between.   

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