5 Reasons to Go on a Family Vacation …Now!

Family fun on the beach.

The days are slowly getting shorter, the nights are slowly getting cooler, and before you know what’s happening, summer is quickly coming to an end. For most families, that means getting into back-to-school mode. Although you’re probably dreading the school supplies shopping rush at your local bargain department store, you might still be secretly excited for a little more free time that comes with the kids back in class. However, as delightful as the thought of a little time to yourself sounds, the end of summer also likely means less opportunities for family time… for a while. As much as we’d like to imagine conversation-filled family dinners every night, the all-too-familiar image of chicken tenders on the go as you head out the door to drive Johnny to baseball practice and Lisa to ballet can’t help but creep into the back of my mind.

You don’t have to be as perfect as this family to have fun on the beach.

But wait! Summer vacation isn’t over quite yet! With a few weeks of lazy days andsunshine left, now is the perfect time to take a family vacation before diving into the school year. Whether you’ve already gone on a summer getaway or not, a few days or weeks of relaxation with your family is the perfect way to transition into the fall. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should go on a family vacation now!

  1. Prime Family Bonding Time

    Get close to your family…like these people.

    The first reason is one we’ve already touched upon: vacations are the perfect opportunity for family bonding time. On vacation, you’ll be away from all the distractions of daily life, like work, phone calls, sports practices, dance recitals, endless errands and chores. Plus, it’ll get the kids away from the television, internet, and video games long enough to spend some quality time with you. And you don’t have to occupy every day with giant theme park to keep the kids engaged. In fact, some of the best ways to enjoy a family vacation are relaxing on the beach, taking a hike, visiting museums, and taking part in other low-stress amusements.

  2. Kids Grow Up Fast (and get too cool for family vacations)

    “Am I taller yet?”

    It seems like a cliché to say “kids won’t be kids forever,” but it’s undoubtedly true. Kids in school are at the best age to enjoy family vacations. When you’re in 5th grade, a family vacation to Florida is certainly something to brag about. As kids get older, they’ll want to do more vacationing with their friends and less with their families. Even if your kids want to spend spring break at grandma’s lake house, “vacation time” includes much less actual free time the older your kids get. Pretty soon, your kids’ vacations will be consumed by new jobs, spring trainings, alternative spring break trips, and ventures to Cancun.

  3. Travel Complements a Classroom Education

    Don’t just learn about the world, explore it!

    Traveling is actually a great way to get your kids excited about learning. Vacations to new destinations provide the opportunity for kids to learn first hand about the things they studied in school or saw on TV. Plus, going beyond the classroom means going beyond the classroom curriculum. Not even the best schooling can beat a real life experience of a new culture, environment, or even cuisine. A family vacation done right can add a little spice to traditional education.

  4. Recharge for the Big Haul

    The shirt says it all.

    If you live in an area where the summers are short and winters are long, you know that getting through the cold months can be treacherous. Even if your winters aren’t spent shivering through your day-to-day activities, the school year can get pretty dull for you and your kids. Doing the same thing every day without a break is not what most people consider a good time. So before you march off bravely into the autumn months, take some time to RELAX with your family. There’s no better way to recharge you batteries than a little rest and relaxation.

  5. End-of-Summer Travel Deals

    The sign says it all.

    The best part of vacationing toward the end of the summer is that all the travel companies and seasonal attractions know that their big season is coming to a close. This is good for you because it means lots of discounts on attractions, rental houses, hotel rooms, flights, and more! Plus, less families are vacationing (they aren’t fortunate enough to be in the know like you), which means less crowds and less stress.


  1. What an excellent post! Too many people put off taking a family vacation, and that is just a mistake!

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