American Museum of Natural History

Visit a place of wonders, great and small, a place where the past comes alive, a place where science shines – the American Museum of Natural History! This iconic New York attraction is one of the best places in the country for you and your family to explore the marvels of the planet, from pre-history all the way to the modern era. Some highlights of the permanent collection include the Hall of Human Diversity, the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, the Dinosaur Wing, and the Rose Center with its beautiful Hayden Planetarium. Of course, the American Museum of Natural History also runs a number of special exhibitions and shows that rotate throughout the year; here are a few of our favorites currently on display.

New York Attractions

A specimen from “Spiders Alive!” Image copyright American Museum of Natural History

“Spiders Alive!” – A Special Live Animal Exhibit
July 4 – November 2, 2014

Featuring 20 species of live spiders and other arachnids, this exhibit is not for those of you who are scared of creepy crawly things. But if you’re brave enough to venture in, this is a comprehensive exhibit that studies everything about spiders from anatomy (including biological diversity, venom, and silk production) to behavior (both defensive and offensive). In addition to the live specimens – carefully handled by museum professionals, I assure you – you’ll also see scale models, videos, and even spider fossils. This exhibit is ideal for kids, or perhaps for a scout troop or class trip.

“Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs”
April 5, 2014 – January 4, 2015

We’ve all seen Jurassic Park, but how much do we really know about the dinosaurs that roamed prehistoric skies? This exhibition highlights the dinosaur family of pterosaurs, creatures that came in a stunning variety of shapes, sizes, and colors (some with wings spans of over 20 feet long!). By examining rare fossils, paleontologists at the American Museum of Natural History have put together video simulations of what these dinosaurs may have looked like in flight – a really cool experience for the dinosaur lover in all of us.

New York Attractions

A promotional poster for the film; Image copyright American Museum of Natural History

“Great White Shark” (IMAX Film)
July 7, 2014 – January 4, 2015

This film is being billed as “a breathtaking encounter with the predator we love to fear,” and it will not disappoint. It’s a study of the beauty and terrifying majesty of these fierce creatures and a look at their role in balancing the ecosystems of the world’s oceans. The film features Great Whites from Mexico, South Africa, California, and New Zealand – all areas that have been identified as containing a significant population of Great Whites. It also focuses on conservation work being done by marine biologists to protect these fantastic creatures. 40 minutes well spent!

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