Where Did Sears Tower Go? It’s Now the Willis Tower!

“I can’t find Sears Tower.” It may sound crazy to say about one of the tallest buildings in the world, but we’ve been hearing it a lot. People go looking for it on the web and come to the conclusion that it’s gone. Rest assured the building is still there. It’s still extremely tall. It’s arguably better than ever. But it has a different name. No, the building formerly known as Sears Tower has not changed its name to an unpronounceable symbol. It is now known as the Willis Tower. Willis, a large reinsurance firm, bought the naming rights to the building and not surprisingly changed the nam … [Read more...]

Save Money & Time Visting Boston with the Go Boston Card

Most people who buy city passes (aka "attraction passes") like the Go Boston Card do so because they want to save money. And both these options as a great way to see the sights, visit museums, and take in tours and cruises. But there are additional benefits that people don’t always know come with these products unless they have previously used one that go beyond the savings. Besides money, what is your most precious resource on vacation? An ability to handle jet lag? Memory for your digital camera? Map reading skills? Sure, those things can be good. But a better answer is time. In fact, it i … [Read more...]

Tired of Standing in Line on Vacation?

Most people who buy sightseeing passes or city passes like the New York City Explorer Pass do so because it is a way to save when they see the sights and take in tours and activities. But there are added benefits that people don’t always realize exists until after they have bought and used the product. These go beyond the savings offered. Besides money, what is the most precious resource on vacation? Memory for your digital camera? Room in your stomach so you can over-eat? Resilient leg muscles to get you around to everything you want to do? Sure, but a better answer is time. In fact, time i … [Read more...]

Build Your Own Admission Ticket to San Francisco

Smart Destinations is now offering its Custom Explorer Pass in San Francisco. This new product allows travelers to San Francisco to build their own admission ticket to the museums, sights, and tours they wish to visit. The cost of the Custom Explorer Pass depends on what the customer has put on their pass, but it represents a meaningful savings compared to buying separate tickets. “People build custom clothing, custom computers, and so on. All to get more control and flexibility from the goods and services they buy,” says Cecilia Dahl, President of Smart Destinations. “Building a custom admi … [Read more...]

LEGOLAND now has a Waterpark

Despite sometimes being confused for some sort of Lego museum, LEGOLAND California has long been a top draw among Southern California's highly competitive theme park scene. While Lego of course features prominently -- there are some impressive examples of Lego construction as well as creative working of Lego into the rides and activities -- LEGOLAND California is a fully-functioning theme park. It boasts a wide variety of rides and things to do, with many of them having interactive components that put kids and parents alike in the middle of the action. Particularly for families with younger … [Read more...]

King Kong Rampages Through Universal Studios Hollywood

The story of King Kong has been told multiple times. And each time Hollywood took a shot at it, the special effects were jaw dropping for their time. The most recent version of the classic story was directed by Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Ringsfame). He took the Kong Story and pushed it farther than his predecessors. And now Jackson's contributed his tremendous talents to a jaw dropping experience called King Kong 360 3-D. The new ride uses today's best technology to give you a feeling of space and place that you are unlikely to have experienced before. Two seamless, compound curved s … [Read more...]

Peter Pan’s Magic Comes to Town

If you're for new kid-friendly things to do in San Francisco, look no further. Our friends at "Only in San Francisco” are offering $15 off all Peter Pan tickets July 1-4, 2010. With this offer, you can celebrate the Fourth of July weekend with an all inclusive “Neverland” experience – deemed “the theatrical event of the summer” for a discounted rate. The show comes to the Bay Area straight from London and provides a spectacular new stage production of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan. This classic story is being performed on the Embarcadero acorss from the Ferry Building (no pun intended) in a state- … [Read more...]

Win the Obama’s Blue Ridge Vacation

As readers of this blog will know, the Presidential Family spent their spring vacation in the Blue Ridge. We think they made a great choice. And now our friends at the Ashville Chamber of Commerce have put together the opportunity to Win President Obama's vacation. The full details and the entry form can be found HERE. But here's the quick summary of what's included: Accommodation at the Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa (just like the President) Two Go Blue Ridge Cards to get you into all the great things to do in the area A "Farm to Table" dinning card to let you take in some of the … [Read more...]

What are Go Cards?

For more than a decade people have realized they could and should shop online for flights, hotels, and car rentals to make sure they not only got what they wanted, but also got it at the best possible price. The same phenomena is now beginning to occur around the things people do while on vacation. Thanks to the advent of the attraction pass, also known as a city pass or sightseeing pass, people now not only can, but should, book the things they want to do before walking up to them. With an attraction pass like a Go Card, the holder pays one flat fee for a set number of days. Then the Go … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Your Oahu Vacation with the Go Oahu Card

Ready for your trip to Oahu? I’ll bet that being ready includes booking your flights and hotels and maybe even a rental car. If I said, “don’t do that, just go walk up and book all that stuff when you get there.” You’d think I was crazy. And you’d be right. Nobody walks up to the airline ticket counter and says “next flight to Honolulu please.” Even if they did have a seat, what kind of price do you think you’d be offered? Same thing goes with hotels and rental cars. Walk-up means risk of not getting what you want AND certainty of paying the absolute top dollar. So “ready” means you’ve go … [Read more...]