“World’s Greatest” a Great Way to See the City of Seattle

The World’s Greatest Seattle Walking Tour is the humble name for a two and a half hour tour around downtown Seattle, Belltown, and Pioneer Square. The tour takes you up close to the many sights of the City as your tour guide gives… [Read More]

Moanalua Golf Club a Favorite for Locals and Aviators

To the many visitors who enjoy golf as part of a Hawaiian Holiday, it may seem surprising that golf only came to the Islands at the very end of the 19th Century. In fact it wasn’t until 1898 that Hawaii had its… [Read More]

Go Oahu Card Review

Lisa Weber of Adventures and Discoveries Hawaii has used both a Go Oahu Card (a by-the-day, all-inclusive Pass for sights and activities in Oahu) and the new Custom Oahu Explorer Pass (pick what you want to see and do, it gets put on a… [Read More]

Is Go San Francisco Card Worth It?

Lydie Thomas and her kids and took the Go San Francisco Card out for a two day test. She did a nice blow-by-blow write up of her experience (complete with photos). Getting a good jump on the first day, Lydie and her family… [Read More]

Get Ready for Chicago Gourmet 2010

Are you a foodie? If you are (actually, even if you’re not) you should thing about getting to Chicago’s Millennium Park September 24-26 for Chicago Gourmet 2010. You’ll be able to enjoy the city of Chicago’s extraordinary flavors and share your interest… [Read More]

Kennedy Space Center on “Top Ten Spots Every Kid Should See”

The folks at Shermans Travel have come up with a fun top ten list of “Spots Every Kid Should See.” We’re not the only ones who liked this idea: the MSNBC used a similar approach in a piece it did a couple of weeks ago. For those… [Read More]

Food on Foot Tours Robbed of #1 spot on Top 10 List

TripAdvisor recently published its list of the top ten “sweetest attractions” in the U.S. The list was picked by TripAdvisor editors who got it all wrong. As always happens when anonymous “editors” make critical decisions on ranking, the safe pick always wins… [Read More]

Massachusetts Hotels to Offer Explorer Passes

Don’t be surprised if you see a special Boston Explorer Pass showing up with your room key when you check into your hotel. Thanks to a partnership between the Massachusetts Lodging Association and Smart Destinations (the creator of Explorer Pass), hotels across… [Read More]

Great Deal on Helicopter Tour of New York City

There are many great ways to see New York City. On foot, on a tour, from the water: they all offer great views and opportunities to capture your memories with a camera. But if you are looking for something a little different, you probably… [Read More]

Save Money & Time Visting Boston with the Go Boston Card

Most people who buy city passes (aka “attraction passes”) like the Go Boston Card do so because they want to save money. And both these options as a great way to see the sights, visit museums, and take in tours and cruises. But… [Read More]

Tired of Standing in Line on Vacation?

Most people who buy sightseeing passes or city passes like the New York City Explorer Pass do so because it is a way to save when they see the sights and take in tours and activities. But there are added benefits that people… [Read More]

Build Your Own Admission Ticket to San Francisco

Smart Destinations is now offering its Custom Explorer Pass in San Francisco. This new product allows travelers to San Francisco to build their own admission ticket to the museums, sights, and tours they wish to visit. The cost of the Custom Explorer Pass depends on what the customer… [Read More]

King Kong Rampages Through Universal Studios Hollywood

The story of King Kong has been told multiple times. And each time Hollywood took a shot at it, the special effects were jaw dropping for their time. The most recent version of the classic story was directed by Peter Jackson (of Lord of… [Read More]

Peter Pan’s Magic Comes to Town

If you’re for new kid-friendly things to do in San Francisco, look no further. Our friends at “Only in San Francisco” are offering $15 off all Peter Pan tickets July 1-4, 2010. With this offer, you can celebrate the Fourth of July… [Read More]

Win the Obama’s Blue Ridge Vacation

As readers of this blog will know, the Presidential Family spent their spring vacation in the Blue Ridge. We think they made a great choice. And now our friends at the Ashville Chamber of Commerce have put together the opportunity to Win… [Read More]

What are Go Cards?

For more than a decade people have realized they could and should shop online for flights, hotels, and car rentals to make sure they not only got what they wanted, but also got it at the best possible price. The same phenomena… [Read More]

Getting Ready for Your Oahu Vacation with the Go Oahu Card

Ready for your trip to Oahu? I’ll bet that being ready includes booking your flights and hotels and maybe even a rental car. If I said, “don’t do that, just go walk up and book all that stuff when you get there.”… [Read More]

King Tut returns to the Big Apple

When King Tut made his first visit to New York City thirty years ago, the glittering display of artifacts from the young Pharaoh’s tomb turned Tutankhamen into a pop sensation. Huge lines formed to get a look at the treasures that had survived… [Read More]

Los Angeles Pride 2010

This year marks the 40th annual Los Angeles LGBT PRIDE Celebration. This year’s theme is “PRIDE 365: Power. Passion. Purpose.” Hosted by Christopher Street West, the West Hollywood neighborhood named after New York City’s Christopher Street, home of the Stonewall Rebellion, this… [Read More]

Headed to San Francisco for Pride 2010?

This year promises to be a memorable one as San Francisco celebrates its 40th SF Pride Event with the theme of “40 and Fabulous.” Not surprisingly given the Bay Area’s rich history of Gay rights and culture, the “40 and Fabulous” event made it onto Smart… [Read More]

Complimentary Go Cards and Explorer Passes for Media attending Pow Wow

Smart Destinations is offering COMPLIMENTARY Go City Cards and/or Explorer Passes to all media attending International Pow Wow 2010 in Orlando, Florida. Look for us in the press room or contact us at onlinePR@smartdestinations.com. Both products take all the best things to do and… [Read More]

The Obama’s Choose Asheville For Spring Break Vacation

President Obama and the First Lady have decided to visit the mountain region of North Carolina for a little spring break r & r this weekend.  They’ll be staying in Asheville, NC to be exact.  And who can blame them?  We’ve been… [Read More]

Spring Sightseeing Savings with Go Boston Card and Old State House Museum

Looking for a great deal on sightseeing in Massachusetts this spring?  Then consider the $99 Spring Sightseeing Savings Package from Go Boston Card and the Old State House Museum. Package Details: Includes two 1-day adult Go Boston Card attraction passes, valid for… [Read More]

NYC All Around Town Tour is an All Around Deal

We get the benefit of seeing a lot of travel oriented deals, both in New York City and elsewhere. The good news for travellers is there are a lot of good deals to be had. But every now an then we come across an… [Read More]

Arabian Nights

There is only one attraction in the world that can combine the romantic tale of a princess and her prince with the glitz and glamour of Broadway, the adventure of the Wild West and the excitement of Ancient Rome – Arabian Nights…. [Read More]