Oahu Attractions: Pro Bowl Preview

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In January, there is one Oahu attraction enjoyed by local Hawaiians, visiting tourists, and television viewers alike: the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl. This year, the NFL's all star game will be taking place on Sunday, January 27 with kick-off at 2 PM HST (7 PM EST). Players from 26 NFL teams will face off in front of more than 13 million viewers nationwide. Here's a look at how you can celebrate the game in Oahu this weekend: 2013 Pro Bowl Celebrations Since 1980, the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii has been home to the NFL's Pro Bowl Game, a showdown between the best players of its two leagues: the AFC and the NFC. Official Pro Bowl festivities begin on Friday with Eat the Street, a food truck rally close to downtown Honolulu. Over 40 food trucks and street vendors will be opening up at 4 PM … [Read more...]

See It All at the Top of the Rock!

top of the rock

You can see it all at the Top of the Rock during New York City's less busy season for tourism and travel this winter. Ticket prices to NYC typically increase around March and April as students go on spring break and families begin to plan spring vacations. Now's a better time than ever to plan a cheap trip to New York City. The Top of the Rock is a perfect spot to kick off your tour of the city - colder weather and less tourists mean quicker access to the Top. Rockefeller Center will introduce you to some of New York City's biggest names past and present, from John D. Rockefeller himself all the way to recent Golden Globes host and 30 Rock star Tina Fey. Best of all, the Top of the Rock offers some of the best views of New York City landmarks. like nearby Central Park, and all five … [Read more...]

New York City Attractions: Jazz in NYC

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Have you been struggling to find New York City attractions to enjoy during the winter? While a stroll through Central Park is just as beautiful in January as it is July, the cold can get to anyone. Most travelers escape chilly city winds by popping in and out of stores, settling into a Broadway theater, or setting a credit card down for a fancy dinner out. This weekend, why not try something new? The New York City Winter Jazzfest returns to Manhattan for its ninth year of group performances and shows. Here's a breakdown of this year's schedule, and tips to turn this festival into an entirely new weekend getaway in NYC: 2013 NYC Winter Jazzfest: 70+ Performers at 5+ Venues New York City's ties to jazz music extend all the way back to the 1920s, suggesting that it is a "home among homes" … [Read more...]

How to Beat the Holiday Blues

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Looking for tips on how to stop feeling sad around the holidays? FamilyDoctor.org reports that up to 20% of people in the US experience lower levels of energy and feelings of sadness during winter. If you one of these people feeling a little blue this week, you may be able to perk up with a few of our tips: Be Realistic & Delegate Let-downs during the holidays can give anyone the blues. Whether you didn't receive the top gift on your list, are stuck far from home due to work, or simply aren't having as good of a time as you did last year, there are plenty of things that can get you down on the holidays. One of the best ways to combat "not-good-enough" feelings is to be realistic. Remember that most everyone, including yourself, is under a time, money, or similar constraint during the … [Read more...]

Holiday Money Saving Tips

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Everyone nowadays is wondering how to save money during the holidays. It doesn't matter if you're after cheap gifts for Christmas, discount holiday travel, or decorating on a budget - saving money during the holidays always takes some planning and finesse. Here's a look at our best Holiday Money Saving tips for stretching your dollar during the holidays: Start with a Budget, Not a List It's first important to sit down and figure out how much exactly you'd like to spend this holiday season. Consider all the things you'll be spending money on - travel, decorations, party favors, foods, and of course, gifts. It's easier to budget for general categories versus individual people on your shopping list. Start with an overall number you're comfortable with spending before breaking it down into … [Read more...]

Unique Gifts for the Traveler On Your List

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Looking for unique gifts for the traveler on your list? It's often hard to come up with gift ideas for someone who's never in one place. Many gravitate towards gift cards or standard gifts, like neck pillows, ear buds, and other items for the plane or bus. The downside to buying these standard gifts is the appearance of last-minute shopping; you don't want your traveler to think you didn't put much thought into their gift. We've come up with a short list of gifts that will convey your heartfelt intentions - think outside the box this holiday season by taking a look at what we've come up with: Swap Gift Cards for a Wallet It's easy to pick up a gift card when you're not sure what else to purchase. Instead of gifting a gift card from an airline or bus company, why not pack your traveler a … [Read more...]

Best Warm Holiday Destinations

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While many spend the month of December wishing for a White Christmas, there are plenty of others who are determined to find the best warm holiday destinations to escape the madness at home. There are some upsides to traveling during the busy season. If you're willing to fly on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you can often find reduced fares and better flight times. You can also fight holiday traffic by driving during off hours - very early in the morning or very late at night. With the right sacrifices and planning, you can catch a great deal for you and your family this December. Here's a look at our favorite warm U.S. destinations for the holidays with tips on how to make the most of your budget and time: Hawaii & the Warm Shores of Oahu December is the beginning of peak … [Read more...]

How To Be a Good Guest

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Figuring out how to be a good guest during the holidays can be tricky. When your mind is preoccupied with presents, decorations, and hosting your own events, thoughts of your stay at another's house may seem distant. Here's a quick set of tips to help you plan ahead and make sure you're invited back: RSVP ASAP When someone invites you to stay at their home, it's best to respond to their invitation as soon as possible. It's usually best to respond within 24 hours, but if you're not sure of your plans that quickly, you should still plan to contact your host and give them an idea of when you'll be able to respond. If you have to amend your host's plans - let's say the cheapest flight arrives a day earlier than planned, or you get out of work at 8 when the dinner party starts at 6 - it's … [Read more...]

How to Have a Happy Thanksgiving


It may seem like it snuck up on you, but Thanksgiving is only days away. Here are our best ways to make sure you have a happy (and tasty) Thanksgiving this Thursday: Do As Much Prepping As Possible Thanksgiving is a messy, busy affair. There's a lot of food to manage – I know every Thanksgiving morning, my parents have every burner going well before noon. If you're looking for a happy and less-stress Thanksgiving holiday, prep as much as you can. New York Times writer Melissa Clark breaks down a Thanksgiving prep schedule which suggests cooking pies, stuffing, and this delicious mashed potato casserole during the week before the big day. By now, planners will have all of their ingredients bought if not cooked. And for the procrastinators (like me), a shopping list of store bought … [Read more...]

Tips for Traveling with Family


As the holiday season is drawing closer, there are quite a few perks to look forward to: homemade treats, seeing old friends, and possibly best of all, presents. But of course, there's always one aspect of holiday celebrations which tends to get more "ughs" than "ahs". Traveling with family can be a nightmare for some - whether it's packing into a small car, sitting next to your snoring Dad on a 6 hour flight, or arguing over who'll watch the bags on a bathroom break, family doesn't always make for the best travel companions. Here are some quick tips to get by during those long hours on the road or in the sky: Know Where You're Going Research is key before planning any trip. Make sure you know all there is to know about your destination - WikiTravel is a great resource for general … [Read more...]