Beach Safety in Maui

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If you’re not a seasoned surfer or a certified beach bum, it can be difficult to determine when it’s safe to head out into the waves.

Good thing there’s the Hawaii Lifeguard Association to help you out! They’re created this wonderful map with daily advisories, watches, and anything else to be cautious of before you head out to the beach. From wind, waves, and those pesky jellyfish, they’ve got the spectrum covered. Since you should also always swim with a lifeguard present, they also provide this list of guarded beaches for your safety.

Here’s to your family’s fun and safety!


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    Yes, be very careful. Over the years I have pulled three people out of the surf on Kaanapali Beach. No one was hurt. I have also watched dozens of people get carried off the beach with broken legs, wrists and neck injuries. The ocean is safe …but know your limitations.

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    * Do not swim alone
    * Do not turn your back on the ocean
    * Do not swim unless the seas are calm
    * Do not swim in the mouth of a river
    * Do not swim in murky water
    * Do not let young children play in water unsupervised
    * Never walk to close to the shorebreak
    * Watch the condition of the waters carefully
    * Fins are a good safety device while giving you more power and speed
    * Reef shoes are a good safety precaution
    * Wear Sunblock

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    When we go for journey we should take care of our children especially near beaches so that we will have a exciting day. One should really have to be aware of these dangers and take precautions to ensure the safety of children.

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