Best Places to Visit for Thanksgiving

No matter where you are planning on spending the Thanksgiving holiday, the odds are it is going to be great. Some might say that Halloween is the first event that kicks off the holiday season, but nothing really started until Thanksgiving rolls around.

Whether it’s the turkey, the football or whatever that special spice in the in pumpkin pie is every year, Thanksgiving is one of the best days on the calendar, bar none.

If you are visiting a different city for your celebration, make it that much more special by taking advantage of some of the awesome attractions that are available to you.

Heading to Gotham for T-Day? There are a plethora of New York Attractions that will expand on your Thanksgiving holiday the same way that gravy complements mashed potatoes.

For a bird’s-eye view of the city, soar to the top of one of the most iconic structures in the U.S. – the Empire State Building. There’s nothing quite like seeing the City that Never Sleeps from NYC’s most famous building (all apologies MSG) and there’s no better time to visit the Empire State Building than early winter.

Looking for another unique building to visit? Well the city is full of them, but next on the list should certainly be the Guggenheim Museum. The outside of the building looks cool enough on its own, but once you get inside, it’s even better!

If you are going to be on the West Coast, there are certainly lots of Los Angeles Attractions to visit as well. It won’t be cold in LA like it will be back on the East Coast, so take advantage by spending some time in the sun on the Hollywood Walking Tour. See the sights, enjoy the weather and keep your eyes peeled for stars while you stroll through Tinseltown  (and digest your turkey).

For an even more in-depth and detailed look at the movie industry and the history of some of the most famous motion pictures ever made, the Warner Brothers Studio Tour can’t be beat. Get an inside look at one of the most important film companies in the world and see what things were like in the past, how they are in the present and what’s in store for the future.

For a Thanksgiving experience that will really blow you and your family away, a trip to the Windy City is sure to work. There are tons of Chicago Attractions that you can visit to as part of your Thanksgiving celebration (just make sure you grab a deep-dish pizza or two to go with the turkey).

A Chicago Architecture Tour is a fun and educational way to learn about the city and it’s an especially good way to learn about Chi-Town when combined with a Hop On/Off Trolley Tour.

Whether you go on the tours or not, consider stopping in at two of the city’s top destinations for out-of-towners, the Navy Pier and Adler Planetarium.

One thing to remember, no matter where you visit – Save room for leftovers


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