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Located at 5 Music Concourse Drive in Golden Gate Park, the California Academy of Sciences is certainly one of the most unique attractions that the city of San Francisco has to offer. The Academy’s 400,000-square-foot building is a relatively new addition to the park and it is certainly a welcome one. The California Academy of Sciences’s facility houses an aquarium, a planetarium, a natural history museum, a four-story rainforest (all under the same roof) and serves as the home base for the Academy’s staff of over 70 world-class scientists.

And don’t think that since the Academy is home to so many different attractions that any of them are subpar. The California Academy of Sciences adheres to top industry standards in the museum and aquarium California Academy of Sciencescommunities and is accredited by the American Association of Museums.

Although experiencing natural disasters certainly has the potential to be unpleasant, learning about why they occur can be a fun and educational experience. The California Academy of Sciences is currently featuring an Earthquake Exhibit. Visitors to the exhibit will learn about why what happens on Earth’s surface is directly related to what is happening inside the planet by virtually stepping into Earth’s interior to see what drives plate tectonics

One of the most popular parts of the exhibit is “San Francisco Shakes.” In order to simulate what it was like to be in the City by the Bay during the city’s two biggest quakes – the 6.9–magnitude Loma Prieta earthquake and the 7.9–magnitude Great San Francisco quake of 1906 – the Shake House was created. Brave guests who step inside the house will be able to experience what it was like to be inside the dining room of a classic Victorian-era home with a window view of San Francisco’s famed “Painted Ladies” houses of Alamo Square during the historical quakes.

California Academy of SciencesAnother special exhibition that is currently being featured at the California Academy of Sciences is “Built For Speed.” The exhibit sets out to answer the question: What does it take be swift at sea? Featuring yellowfin tuna, Humboldt squid, sailfish, and shortfin mako sharks, visitors will learn about how these creatures have adapted in order to be optimized for speed and long-distance ocean travel. Sea speed isn’t just limited to animals! Guests at the exhibit will have the chance to examine a sailboat designed by ORACLE TEAM USA, defender of the 34th America’s Cup!

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