Travel Gift Black Friday Sale

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As a passionate traveler, I know that some of the most inspiring and memorable moments in my life were born from exploring a new place. Whether it comes from visiting a nearby museum, getting your adrenaline pumping on thrill rides, learning about the fascinating foundations on historical tours, or just taking in the culture and beauty of a far-away city – these new discoveries illuminate our minds and stand out in our memories.  This holiday season, give the gift that never stops giving. Film & TV Fanatics: While New York and Boston have plenty of TV and Movie Site Tours to offer, the true heart of the entertainment industry lies in the south of California – Los Angeles! With a booming film and television industry, any film and TV fanatic will be dazzled by the iconic sites that await! And with the Go Los Angeles Card, you can provide your loved one with access to all the top … [Read more...]

Travel Gift Ideas and Tips

Gift of Go

Travel gifts are a great choice for your adventurous friends and family members, but there are only so many guidebooks or backpacking accessories a person needs. If you’re looking for a travel gift that can’t be duplicated, why not give a your loved one a travel experience? Smart Destinations’ Go Select packages and passes are gifts that go beyond the typical travel-themed present – they’re tickets to the perfect attractions, activities, and tours to suit each person. If you’re trying to buy for an art lover, consider one of our themed Go Select packages, like the San Diego Culture Attractions Package, which provides admission to the Museum of Photographic Arts, the Museum of Man, and the San Diego Museum of Art. Or, give the gift of the San Francisco Museum Pass and give your friends access to the prestigious California Academy of Science, the de Young Museum, and the … [Read more...]

Top U.S. Cities for Holiday Attractions

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What type of getaway suits you and your family? With the holiday season fast approaching, many of us are excitedly planning our winter adventures. Smart Destinations offers all-inclusive attraction passes in 9 of America’s most beloved cities, with exclusive packages offering you discounts of up to 55% off! But where should you spend this special time of year? ‘White Christmas’: If you’re envisioning sweaters, scarves, hot chocolate, the steam of breath escaping you as you marvel at Christmas lights reflecting on patches of snow – it’s time to suit up in your peacoat and take to the North! New York City is a wonderland during the holiday season – proudly adorned with classic holiday light displays, bustling with activity as locals and visitors buzz past illuminated shopping window displays, and if you’re lucky - dusted over in fresh snowfall. With the New York … [Read more...]

Holiday Travel Tips for Smart Savings

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If you’re lucky enough to be combining your holidays with some vacation time, make sure you travel smart. There are many ways to save money on holiday travel packages that are often overlooked in the holiday hustled and bustle. Whether you’re heading to Grandma’s house in New England or escaping the cold in Oahu, these holiday travel tips will help you to have an enjoyable, affordable holiday vacation. Accommodation Depending on your destination, the amount of money you can save on accommodations varies greatly. For instance, if Grandma’s house has an extra bedroom or two, you might be able to get away with free lodgings. However, when staying with family or friends is out of the question, there are other options that are much more affordable than the luxury resorts and hotels you’ll see advertised. Think about what you’re really willing to pay for—is it that important … [Read more...]

Hosting for the Holidays

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Having a full home over the holidays is wonderful – time together with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while and a great chance to catch up on what you’ve missed. Sometimes, though, we need a little break from spending all the time at home – after all, there is a limit to how much you can eat or how much football you can watch. Why not pick up a few attraction passes to entertain your loved ones? Get one for yourself and join them in their explorations, or use them as gifts to get them out of your hair for a little “me time.” Holiday season often means rare time off work – so take advantage of the break by making the most of your time together. Treat your guests to a tour of your favorite attractions, or check out something new and exciting. Our special collection of Holiday Travel Packages is a great place to start. Each package combines a few highlighted … [Read more...]

Holiday Shopping List Tips

Holiday Shopping List Tips

Shopping for that perfect holiday gift can be a challenge. After all, how many scarves, candles, or ties can a person own? If you’re looking for a special gift that’s about more than material things, think about giving a travel gift. Travel gifts like attraction passes are about making memories, exploring new places, and finding hidden gems in old favorites. Scarves unravel, but travel memories last a lifetime. Smart Destinations offers a variety of travel gifts that appeal to everyone’s interests and style of travel. A good place to start is with our special collection of Holiday Travel Packages. These packages combine some of each destination’s most popular attractions for extra savings. For example, the San Francisco Holiday Attractions Pass includes admission to the world-famous California Academy of Science, iconic San Francisco Trolley Tours, and a beautiful Sunset … [Read more...]

Hanukkah Gift Ideas

Travel Gift Ideas

Hanukkah comes early this year (coinciding with Thanksgiving, actually, an incredibly rare event), so it’s important to make sure you’ve got your gift buying covered. If you’re still looking for ideas for your loved ones, why not consider a travel gift? There a number of flexible options for any style of travel – so whether you’re buying for a veteran explorer or an occasional traveler, you’ll find something to suit their tastes. You can opt for a Holiday Travel Package, a specially discounted collection of seasonal attractions. For example, the New York Holiday Attractions Pass includes admission to the American Museum of Natural History, the Top of the Rock, and the seasonally popular Night Tour, which provides a great view of the holiday decorations and lights all over New York. Or, for people looking to enjoy some warm weather in the depths of winter, the San Diego … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Attractions and Deals

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Thanksgiving is a way to celebrate family and togetherness: specifically, we like to celebrate that togetherness with food. Turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Candied yams, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie – the list is endless. And then you’re left with finding a way to work off all of that Thanksgiving deliciousness. Fortunately, Smart Destinations can help. Pick up an attractions pass to get moving and enjoy the days after Thanksgiving with family and friends. Or, you can always give the attractions pass as a gift to buy yourself a little free time while the family ventures out and about. The new Holiday Travel Packages are some of the best deals on seasonal attractions. Available for all nine of our destinations, these packages combine the best of each city for a special discounted rate. The attractions can be visited all in one day, or at your leisure over the course of … [Read more...]

How to Plan Holiday Travel

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The holidays are a time to relax, indulge a little, and enjoy time with family and friends. If you have the chance to do a little traveling or sightseeing, the holiday season is the opportune time. However, many families are unnecessarily afraid of planning holiday travel; you might think it’s too stressful, too expensive, or just too late to start your planning. Of course, you’d certainly be missing out! You can make your holiday travel plans with ease and confidence if you use our Go City Cards. Using a Go City Card allows you the convenience and excitement of all-inclusive access to the top attractions in destinations like Chicago, Boston, San Diego, and even Oahu! With access to all the popular attractions, and no need to choose which attractions you’ll visit ahead of time, Go City Cards offer the flexibility that the holidays require. There’s also something for everyone … [Read more...]

Holiday Travel Season is Around the Corner

Travel Gift Ideas

With Halloween taking place later this week and Thanksgiving set to arrive in just about a month, it’s certainly not too early to start thinking about the holidays. In order to help you celebrate the season in style in a new city, Smart Destinations has plenty of travel packages that you might want to look into. Even if you aren’t planning on taking a trip to one of the nine cities that Smart Destinations proudly offers service to, consider picking up a Go Select Pass or Go City Card for someone else as a gift. After all, it’s better to give than to receive and the holiday season is just around the corner! To travel to some of the top attractions in the U.S. this holiday season - or give someone else the opportunity to do so - there aren’t too many better options than Go City Cards. By saving you up to 55% on combined admission prices for top museums, tours, and attractions … [Read more...]