How to Plan Holiday Travel

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The holidays are a time to relax, indulge a little, and enjoy time with family and friends. If you have the chance to do a little traveling or sightseeing, the holiday season is the opportune time. However, many families are unnecessarily afraid of planning holiday travel; you might think it’s too stressful, too expensive, or just too late to start your planning. Of course, you’d certainly be missing out! You can make your holiday travel plans with ease and confidence if you use our Go City Cards. Using a Go City Card allows you the convenience and excitement of all-inclusive access to … [Read more...]

Give the Gift of Attractions With Great Holiday Travel Deals

Holiday Gift

The holiday season – and with it, the holiday shopping frenzy – is in full swing, and people are scrambling to find the perfect gift for everyone on their list. Luckily, we have a solution to your shopping woes that will keep you out of those long lines and will keep a smile on your loved one’s face long after the holiday season is over. Our new Give the Gift of Attractions holiday shopping is making it easier and more affordable to give the priceless gift of a memorable travel experience to anyone on your list. Smart Destinations shoppers have two ways to give these meaningful gifts … [Read more...]

Announcing the Go Guides Widget by Smart Destinations!

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Do you own a blog or travel related website? Are you looking for a new way to provide useful travel information to your visitors? Well, you’re in luck because the Smart Destinations development team has just launched the Go Guides widget! What is a Go Guides Widget? The Go Guides Widget is a snippet of code that you place on your website which creates a box filled with downloadable PDF guide books specific to one of our destinations. The guides are filled with useful information about the top attractions in the city of your choosing. You and your visitors can print them out or read them on … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know About Whale Watching in Hawaii

Go Whale Watching in Hawaii

Tourists aren't the only ones who escape to Hawaii in the winters. Humpback whales also migrate to the warm waters of Hawaii, but to breed, give birth, and nurse their young. In fact, it's estimated that two-thirds of the world's entire humpback population visits the Islands each year. This means that Hawaii is one of the best places on earth to go whale watching. Seeing a whale is a gratifying and remarkable experience that you'll remember for a lifetime. Want to witness this for yourself? Here's a brief guide of everything you need to know about whale watching in Hawaii. About Humpback … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Vacation in Maui

Wherever you are, I'm sure you'd rather be here.

When’s the best time to visit Maui? Well, anytime. There are really only two seasons in Maui: warm (winter) and warmer (summer). But don’t fear over-heating—the year-round trade winds are enough to keep you comfortable even when temperatures reach the 90s. Basically, you’ll bask in perfect weather all the time. And if that’s not enough to lure you to the romantic Hawaiian island, here are 5 reasons to vacation in Maui that you won’t be able to refute. Home to the Best Beaches in the World. In Maui, you’ll find over 30 miles of pristine beaches. The coastline boasts … [Read more...]

Tips to Remember When Snorkeling Oahu


Your flight is booked. Your sunblock is packed. You’ve found a place to rent your gear. You’re ready to go snorkeling Oahu…or so you think. Snorkeling can be a lot of fun, especially in Hawaii where the waters are crystal-clear, the weather is consistently beautiful, and the ocean boasts an abundance of tropical fish and other underwater creatures. But if you’re a first timer or your only snorkeling experience was with the toy mask you used as a kid in the backyard pool, there are a few things you should know before you go. It’s true, snorkeling is an easy sport, but it can be … [Read more...]

Self-Guided Hawaii Volcano Tour Discount


Transform any vacation to the Hawaiian Islands into an incredible adventure by adding a volcano tour to your itinerary. Head to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, located on Hawaii’s Big Island, to experience the diverse environments created by 70 million years of volcanic activity.  The park’s most popular feature is Mt. Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano. Visitors are often able to get close enough to see live lava flows. Even when this isn’t the case, you’ll witness the effects of creation and destruction caused by this extraordinary natural phenomenon. How to Get … [Read more...]

Romantic Getaway to Maui

The folks at Go World Travel Magazine just published a feature on "Four Romantic Getaways." We heartily agree with their decision to start off with a getaway to Maui! The article calls out some wonderful Maui hotels such as the Hotel Wailea Maui and the Plantation Inn in Lahaina. They also write about the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel, a well-respected resort with a long history on the island which features prominently in a separate video on Maui. On the things to do front, they recommend the snorkel tour to Molokini with the Pacific Whale Foundation and the Alii Nui Sunset Sail -- both … [Read more...]

Smart Destinations Looks to Give Back

Smart Destinations, the company behind the Maui Explorer Pass as well as sightseeing passes in 14 other cities and destinations across North America, has put together a team to raise money for the the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Every 4 minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer and such cancers accounted for almost 10% of all the lives claimed by cancer in 2009. Research has achieved a great deal to date, but there is still a long way to go. To help fund researchto combat these cancers, eight Smart Destinations employees are racing in a triathlon this June. They'll be far from … [Read more...]

Maui Whale Watching

Every year from approximately December 15th to May 15th, Maui's waters see an influx of humpback wales. An estimated 1,500 to 2,000 of these giant marine mammals congregate around Maui during this time making for some amazing whale watching. It is possible to see whales from shore -- particularly if you have an elevated vantage point. People often see 40-foot long Humpbacks from their cars while driving Maui's coastal roads -- with the unfortunate side effect of sudden braking by an excited whale spotter leading to a fender bender with another car! The Prince Kuhio Wale Watch is a … [Read more...]