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Whether it’s the summertime glimmer of Lake Michigan or the exciting urban playground atmosphere that draws you to Chicago, you’re in for a vacation as dynamic and spirited as the city itself. Beautiful urban green spaces collide with cutting-edge architectural feats to create a landscape wherein its only natural that art, creativity, and community will bloom.

Though a city this magnificent may sound expensive, most travelers find Chicago to be much more affordable than cities like New York. After all, Chicago’s is famous for its working class history—in general, it’s remained quite unpretentious for its size and success. With Chicago attraction discount tickets, you’ll be able to visit all the must-see attractions for first-time (or second or third-time) visitors.

Because summer is so gorgeous in Chicago, and the weather so mild, you’ll want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Chicagoland boats an impressive number of high-quality outdoor entertainment, but this can only be enjoyed for less than half the year—so don’t miss out.

A visit to the Navy Pier is a staple of any Chicago visit. While the enormous pier which jettisons into Lake Michigan is an attraction in itself, it also plays host to dozens of other attractions, including a 150-foot Ferris Wheel that offers unparalleled views of the city skyscape and shoreline. Though the pier is currently undergoing renovations (for a greener and even more contemporary future), some adjustments have been made so that all attractions are still accessible. Make sure you spend some time relaxing in the LandShark Beer Garden (open to all ages), for live music and a prime view of the summer fireworks that take place every Wednesday and Saturday evening.

A view of the cityscape from the Chicago River.

A view of the cityscape from the Chicago River.

As a hub for stunning architecture and design, Chicago is one of those cities you’ll want to see from every angle. First, check it out from the top of the Willis Tower SkyDeck Chicago. This bird’s eye view from 1,353 feet in the air is rush for both thrill-seekers and sightseers – though it may be a bit overwhelming for those with a fear of heights. Next, see the city from aboard a boat as your curise down the Chicago River on the Chicago Architecture Cruise. This narrated tour tells the incredible story of Chicago’s rise to prominence in the architecture world, starting with the rebuilding efforts following the Great Fire of 1871. Finally, you can also explore Chicago via bicycle – which is arguably the most stimulating to your senses. As you ride through Grant Park to Museum Campus or past Lincoln Park and Lincoln Park Zoo on your Navy Pier Bike Tour, you’ll really feel like you’re part of the action. Isn’t that what discovering a city is all about?

Finding fun activities to fill your time in Chicago this summer won’t be a problem – if anything, you’ll have trouble deciding which activities to choose! Don’t forget to use Smart Destinations for Chicago attractions discount tickets for top quality museums, landmarks, and tours at prices designed for families.

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