Download a Map of Maui

Maui attraction map

You’ve talked about visiting Maui for years and now you’re finally taking that once in a lifetime trip. You’ve booked a hotel, packed your bags, and now you’re ready to lounge on the beach with a book in one hand and a Mai Tai in the other.

Wait… did you remember to bring a map?

Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. Our downloadable map of Maui prints on a single letter-sized sheet and includes all of the attractions, activities, and tours that are part of the Go Maui Card. So, relax and enjoy your trip. Or as they say on the islands, “hang loose!”


  1. Paula Garman says

    If you are going to Maui, DON’T bother with the Sugar Cane Train. It’s a complete rip-off! We paid as much for that as we did a whale watching cruise and it deliver FAR less! The ads look glitzy and glamorous, but the actual ride takes you past slums, golf courses, and there are no sugar cane fields along the track, nor is there any information given regarding the cane fields. The second half of the 35 minute round trip was filled with bad singing.

  2. says

    If you go to Maui make sure you check out Maui Divers Jewelry shop. I am not referencing the jewelry persay but they have tours that take you through the whole pearl processing. They even allow you to pick your own cultured pearls if you decide to buy pearl jewelry. Very cool experience.

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