Empire State Building Tourist Tips

It consistently appears at the top of the list of “must-see New York attractions.” Its image can be found in every postcard rack, stock photography database, and tourism brochure on New York City. It’s the Empire State Building, and you don’t want to miss it on your next trip to the Big Apple.

Empire State Building Tourist Tips

A decorative panel in the Art Deco lobby

So it’s not the tallest building in the world anymore, or even in the country (although at an impressive height of 1,454 ft – antenna included – it is still the 4th tallest building in America). The Empire State Building was constructed in 1931 to show the world the best of American industry, artistry, and civic pride. It’s often considered among the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, and is actually a National Historic Landmark. Although it functions today primarily as an office building, it attracts a staggering four million visitors per year – making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in one of the most popular cities in America.

With the recent launch of its brand new “Multimedia Experience” on the second floor, even those of you who have visited this Art Deco structure will learn something new. You can learn about the sustainability and preservation efforts of the Empire State Building (which have thus far earned it a gold LEED rating, classing it among the most energy-efficient buildings in the nation). You’ll also marvel at the lobby renovation project that has been working to restore the original 1930s glamor of the ceilings, wall panels, and chandeliers. And don’t forget to take a ride to the main observation deck on the 86th floor!

Empire State Building Looking upAs the city’s most popular attraction, you’ll have to expect a bit of a price tag. But fortunately, our New York Attractions Pass conveys insider benefits like Empire State Building Discount Tickets, which get you into the gorgeous lobby and up to those stunning views for less.  There are other ways to make your visit to the Empire State Building a success. Avoid the biggest lines and don’t visit around lunchtime (11:00 am – 12:00 pm) or sunset – unless you want to head up in advance and stick around to wait for the view. The best times to visit with minimum lines are early in the morning (they open for visitors at 8:00 am daily), or after 9:00 pm. A late night visit will open up a whole new side of New York, complete with an aerial view of the most famous skyline in the country. You’ll also get through lines faster (and maneuver the observation deck better) without bulky bags or luggage.

So on your next visit to NYC, be sure to stop by the iconic Empire State Building. A visit to one of America’s most beloved landmarks is the experience of a lifetime, and you won’t want to miss out. Don’t forget to take a ton of pictures!

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