Fave Fenway Restaurants from the Locals

Citgo signKenmore Square’s infamous Citgo sign (near Fenway Park) Photo uploaded by Paul Keleher

Besides getting tickets to the big game, the next important thing is figuring out where to eat. So have you thought about where or what you’re planning to eat at the park? Sure, there is always the typical hot dogs, pretzels and beer, but a nice meal can surely make or break any trip. So right after you take the Fenway Park Tour and just before the big game, don’t think that the hot dog stand is the only place to eat.

The good news is that Fenway Park is offering a variety of new selections to their park menu. So if you’re tired of hotdogs and pretzels, try their new fish and chips, garlic fries or pasta dishes. However, expect to pay a premium for that little additional comfort.

This is another reason why I’m a fan of local dining. I want to eat where the locals eat. Furthermore, if I’m getting nothing more than a sandwich or a “cookie cutter” pasta dish for my premium charge, then I’m pissed.

So here are my recommendations for dining around Fenway:

For quick dining that doesn’t hurt the wallet I recommend El Palon Taqueria. This place has the best fish burritos in Boston. Additionally, it is definitely within walking distance of Fenway. Right next door is Rod-Dee Thai Cuisine. This place has the best Crispy Pad Thai. Since both places won’t run you more than $10 a person, you really can’t go wrong. I’m probably at either of these place a few times a month, so come by and say hi if you see me.

If you’re craving ballpark food, then I suggest UBurger. This place has a burger for everyone. Plus, the hand cut fries are a must have when visiting. Ohh, did I forget to mention the onion rings and frappes? Yes, this place has all the favorites.

Got money to spend and time to spend it? I suggest getting a table at Great Bay, this is one of Boston’s premiere restaurants and just around the corner from the park. Yes, this is a chic place with the fancy décor, but the great seafood is worth the price. Just like any good seafood restaurant, the menu will change with the creativity of the chef, so come and be amazed.


  1. says

    Be careful of El Pelon… my manager picked up lunch there a few weeks ago and found a BONE in his food. A full chicken bone in his ground beef burrito. We haven’t gone there since, and he gets nauseous if we bring up the incident.

  2. susan j says

    Yikes! Well, I’m a vegetarian, so fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that. Hope your manager is OK.

  3. says

    Thanks for info. I’ve never had such experiences, but being around the restaurant business I’ve heard similar stories.

    I hope you spoke to El Pelon about your horrible experience. Any good restaurant welcomes feedback and it is the only way for them to stay sharp.

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