Harvard Farmer’s Market Ushers in Summer

Farmer’s Market Poster Image ; Taken by Flickr user frankh

Cambridge folks know that summer is officially on the horizon when the Farmers’ Markets in Harvard Square finally open for the season.  So with the 2009 grand opening of the first market having occurred just yesterday, residents are now ready to indulge in all the local food, music, and fun that they can while it lasts!

The Market is located right next to the Harvard Science Center at Oxford and Kirkland Streets, about 100 yards away from the Harvard Museum of Natural History and Peabody Museum of Archaeology. It’s open every Tuesday until the end of October from 12:30 pm – 6:00 pm and features regional farmers and vendors – in fact, none are from more than 50 miles away from Harvard Yard!  There is so much variety that there is literally something for every palette. Vendors hock everything from standard organic produce, to exotic cuts of meat like lamb and goat. There are also seasonal florals, locally grown herbs, fresh baked bread, and tasty jams.  By public transportation, take the Red Line to the Harvard Square stop.

If you aren’t a local but want to partake in this local tradition, consider stopping by the Harvard Museum of Natural History to purchase a reusable souvenir bag. Then head over to the Market to fill it up with fresh local snap peas and strawberries. Trust me, the strawberries are to die for!

And here’s a fun idea: While you’re at the Museum, check out their famous “Glass Flowers” exhibit if you have never seen it before.  These extraordinary glass models of flowering and fruiting plants (including cacao, coffee plants, cashew nuts, pineapple, mango, and blueberries) were created in the late 19th Century by father/son glass artists in Germany to teach botany before the days of photography. They are quite a sight to behold and it’s the perfect prelude to get your taste buds watering for the Market. Bon appetit!



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