Holiday Travel Tips for Smart Savings

If you’re lucky enough to be combining your holidays with some vacation time, make sure you travel smart. There are many ways to save money on holiday travel packages that are often overlooked in the holiday hustled and bustle. Whether you’re heading to Grandma’s house in New England or escaping the cold in Oahu, these holiday travel tips will help you to have an enjoyable, affordable holiday vacation.


Depending on your destination, the amount of money you can save on accommodations varies greatly. For instance, if Grandma’s house has an extra bedroom or two, you might be able to get away with free lodgings. However, when staying with family or friends is out of the question, there are other options that are much more affordable than the luxury resorts and hotels you’ll see advertised. Think about what you’re really willing to pay for—is it that important that your room has a TV with 600 channels or that you’ll have access to an indoor pool? Most likely, you’ll be spending your holiday vacation time visiting family and friends or exploring your destination.

Sometimes, it can even be cheaper to pay for a short-term apartment or vacation house rental for a week than it is to book a hotel for 7 days. Make sure to explore all the options for accommodation in your chosen destination. If a hotel is your best option, take a look at some of the large convention hotels that are often used by business travelers during the week but don’t always fill up during the holidays. Finally, keep in mind that it can pay to be a little pushy. A lot of hotel prices are more negotiable than you’d imagine—call the hotel to see if you can get a deal.


To fly or not to fly? That is the question. While flying often seems like the most convenient option, prices can be sky high during the holiday season; especially if you haven’t already booked your flights! However, if flying is really your only option, it’s worth it to peruse the internet extensively for the best deal. Also keep in mind that it’s often cheaper to fly to smaller, slightly out-of-the-way airports.

If you haven’t ruled out ground travel, don’t forget about the bus! Many bus companies, such as MegaBus, Bolt, and PeterPan, offer really affordable prices on round trip tickets for destinations within a set region. If you’re traveling with family, you may prefer the comfort of your own car. However, if you can, avoid driving the big gas-guzzling SVU if you want to save on gas money.

Attractions & Outings

Origami Holiday Tree at the AMNH

The Origami Holiday Tree at the AMNH.

Once you’ve arrived at your holiday travel destination, you’re faced with one last task: deciding what to do! Actually, when it comes to savings, you’ll be better off if you start thinking about this in advance. Attraction passes offer a convenient and affordable way to see just about any major city. For example, you can see top New York attractions with a pre-set New York Holiday Attractions Package or have the flexibility to see whichever attractions you’d like—from the Empire State Building to the Museum of Natural History—with the New York Explorer Pass. If you’ll be spending your vacation in Hawaii, make sure to set the mood for festivity with a Hawaii Holiday Attractions Package, which includes five top Oahu attractions and opportunities for snorkeling, sailing, paddle boarding, and more.

After choosing an attraction pass, make sure to look for any free, festive happenings that may take place in your destination. From tree-lighting ceremonies to holiday markets, the holidays are a time when everyone likes to get together to celebrate. Of course, the old stand by of driving around to look at holiday lights never gets old!


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