How to Plan Holiday Travel

The holidays are a time to relax, indulge a little, and enjoy time with family and friends. If you have the chance to do a little traveling or sightseeing, the holiday season is the opportune time. However, many families are unnecessarily afraid of planning holiday travel; you might think it’s too stressful, too expensive, or just too late to start your planning. Of course, you’d certainly be missing out! You can make your holiday travel plans with ease and confidence if you use our Go City Cards.

Using a Go City Card allows you the convenience and excitement of all-inclusive access to the top attractions in destinations like Chicago, Boston, San Diego, and even Oahu! With access to all the popular attractions, and no need to choose which attractions you’ll visit ahead of time, Go City Cards offer the flexibility that the holidays require. There’s also something for everyone on these passes, so artsy aunts, fun-loving kids, and history-buff grandparents will all have something to look forward to.

Having trouble getting started? Follow these easy steps.

  1. Pick a destination.

    Perhaps you’re combining a vacation with a visit to Grandma’s house in Miami. Or maybe you’re using your holiday free-time to get away from it all in Oahu. Wherever you end up, the first step is easy: pick your city.

  2. Decide how many days you’ll be sightseeing.

    You don’t want to overbook yourself, but you also don’t want to be sitting around wasting your precious vacation days! Go City Cards are available in 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7-day increments. If you’ve got some extra time in your city of choice, take note that 3, 5, and 7-day cards offer a free bonus attraction.

  3. Browse the attractions.

    For example, we’ll say you’re headed to Boston for the holidays. With 53 Boston attractions included in one Go Boston Card, your options are almost endless. Resist the urge to become overwhelmed. In this stage, you’re just getting a feel for your options. In addition to the most popular attractions, like Fenway Park and the Museum of Science, you’ll probably find attractions you’ve never heard of or forgotten about. This is the time to take it all in.

  4. Narrow down your list.

    Chances are you won’t be seeing ALL the attractions in any given city in one trip. To narrow down your list of “must-see” attractions, begin to think about who you’ll be traveling with, what their interests are, and how past trips have turned out. If the younger kids were bored last year, and that put a damper on the trip for the rest of the group, plan for a trip to a children’s museum or a kid-friendly amusement park. Perhaps you’re traveling with enough people that splitting up is an option. Think about how you can diversify your vacation. Depending on the amount of time you’ll be spending in your city of choice, pick 5-10 attractions that are most desirable. Remember, none of this is set in stone.

  5. Purchase your pass and save.

    Now there’s nothing left to do but purchase your pass and pat yourself on the back for being so darn thrifty! With Go City Cards, you’ll save up to 55% off gate prices so there’s no reason for post-holiday bank account blues.

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