Kennedy Space Center Discount Tickets

One of the highlights of any trip to Orlando is a visit to the Kennedy Space Center. At the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, guests have the opportunity to stand under the massive rockets that first put NASA astronauts into space and have a shuttle launch experience of their own. Lucky visitors who time things right even have the chance to meet an astronaut. Save on admission to the Kennedy Space Center and other Florida attractions and tours with a Go Orlando Card discount attractions pass. Save money and skip lines!

For those who want go on a tour while at the Kennedy Space Center, bus tours are Kennedy Space Centerincluded with admission and they depart every 15 minutes. Since the tour is self-guided, guests can get on and off the bus as much as they like and spend an
unlimited amount of time at locations like the 60-foot-tall Launch Complex and the Launch Control Center.

Guests who choose to tour the Observation Gantry will get behind-the-scenes briefings on what it took to launch and land every NASA Space Shuttle. Guided tours led by trained space experts are also available but they sell out on a regular basis. Reservations are strongly suggested and can be made online or by calling (866) 737-5235.

Although you are probably more used to looking at them on your smarthphone or tablet, Angry Birds have taken over at Kennedy Space Center with seven interactive

Guests can create their own customized Angry Bird on a computer screen, play Eggsteriod Slingshot and launch small Angry Birds at pigs to score points and even take a green screen photo in front of their favorite Angry Birds background. If that’s not enough, Kennedy Space Center also features the Angry Birds Danger Zone mirror maze and the Red Planet Laser Challenge. Admission to the exhibit is included with your entrance fee.

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