Kennedy Space Center on “Top Ten Spots Every Kid Should See”

The folks at Shermans Travel have come up with a fun top ten list of “Spots Every Kid Should See.” We’re not the only ones who liked this idea: the MSNBC used a similar approach in a piece it did a couple of weeks ago. For those keeping score, Central Florida came out on top by taking two of the top ten on the Shermans Travel list.

The Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral came in at number five while Orlando’s own Walt Disney World took the number eight position. In noting the many great activities and learning opportunities at Kennedy Space Center (as well as fact that the last Shuttle launch is coming up), Shermans said “this one small step for the little ones is sure to guarantee one giant memory to last a lifetime.”

The top three on the list were (in order) the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in New York City, Boston’s Fenway Park, and Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska (which just edged out the equally stunning Grand Canyon). While Fenway is certainly worth seeing — and easier for most people to get to that Glacier Bay — I’m guessing a Red Sox fan had something to do with its ranking so highly!

To see the whole top ten list, click over to our friends at Shermans Travel.


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