Kennedy Space Center Tourism

For an out-of-this-world experience in Central Florida, blast off with a tour of the Kennedy Space Center while you are visiting either Orlando or Miami.

Since 1968, every single human space flight from the United States has launched from the Kennedy Space Center, a phenomena that makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida.

The first thing guests will want to experience at the Kennedy Space Center is the Shuttle Launch Experience. The SLE provides a realistic simulation of a space shuttle’s 8 1/12 minutes ascent into orbit by using HD audiovisual effects and Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Launchrealistic seating effects that help wannabe astronauts experience what it would really be like to blast off from Earth at 17,500 mph and then look down to see the planet far below.

The KSC also gives visitors the opportunity to break bread with some of the men and women who have gone into space as NASA astronauts. As part of Lunch with an Astronaut, lucky (and hungry) guests can eat with a veteran space explorer and then get all the details about what the cosmos are all about during an open question and answer session

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The Kennedy Space Center also offers an Astronaut Training Experience where interested parties can see if they have the Kennedy Space Center Sign“right stuff” to make it at NASA. Those who choose to go the ATX route, will “experience a space shuttle mission simulation and perform hands-on space exploration activities” during an intense half-day of training.

Other attractions at the Kennedy Space Center include the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, the Astronaut Memorial, Children’s Play Dome, Early Space Exploration Experience and Robot Scouts Experience.

“My family and I visited KennedySpaceCenter recently with our Go Card and we loved it! It was such a blast,” an Arizona woman wrote in a review of the KSC. “My family and I had so much fun and learned so much too! I would recommend this to anyone!”

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