Last Minute Gifts for the Traveler on Your List

If you know your traveler’s next vacation spot, or want to give them access to attractions in a nearby city for some closer to home travel, check out our deals on Go City Cards or Go Select Passes. Go City Cards are all-access passes to the top attractions in the city of your choice; the Go Select Passes let you pick and choose which attractions you want to gift. With Go Select Passes, you’ll receive your passes instantly by email making them perfect for the last-minute shopper. You can even choose a gifting option during the check-out process so that person on your list receives their pass right in their inbox. Keep an eye out on our Smart Destinations Facebook Pagefor getaway sales, steals, and extra savings. Here are some other last minute gift ideas:

  • One of the most buzzed about gifts this season for travelers and homebodies alike is Amazon’s Kindle, which is available at $79 (or $109 if you don’t want special offers to display on your Kindle when you’re not reading). The Kindle, or any e-reader, is a perfect for any type of travel. And remember, if your traveler is old school (or you’re on a budget), a book light is also a thoughtful gift for your well-read friend.
  •  My mom’s big on gift baskets, and this year I took her advice with my dad’s gift (a frequent flyer between Massachusetts and Florida). I started with a small carry-on bag as my “basket”, and filled it with simple items that my dad usually overlooks:
    • travel size containers;
    • gum and other snacks;
    • magazines;
    • a deck of cards;
    • some comfortable socks;

      The scale in action!

    and a few other odds and ends to keep him occupied on the plane as well as prepared for his hotel stay. The best part about a gift basket is that you can fill it with items your traveler will really use without spending much. And if you’re really last minute, you can grab most of these items at CVS or Walgreens.

  • My dad’s also a big fan of the Travelon Your Weigh Luggage Scale we bought him last year. This simple hook weighs luggage up to 110 pounds and has saved him a bunch of money in baggage fees. This model of the Luggage Scale is small enough to fit in your pocket, and is under $25.

Happy Holidays, and Happy Shopping!

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