Make a Splash at SeaWorld San Diego

“Splash” into fun this summer at SeaWorld San Diego! The one-of-a-kind marine park that’s as invested in education and conservation efforts as it is in having fun, SeaWorld is a can’t-miss experience for kids of all ages. SeaWorld San Diego is also celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, so you can expect all kinds of wonderful and surprising things with each new visit. Marvel at fantastic animal performances, get to know the local populations of marine life, and perhaps make friends with a penguin! Then, hop aboard one of SeaWorld’s thrilling theme park rides, like the high-speed coaster “Manta” and the water ride “Journey to Atlantis.”

San Diego attractions

Check out the “One Ocean” show at SeaWorld San Diego

The most popular show at SeaWorld San Diego remains Shamu’s iconic performance, “One Ocean.” Although the show is actually performed by several different killer whales (none of whom are named Shamu these days), it’s an awe-inspiring display of strength, agility, and grace in black and white. Of course, it’s more than just a demonstration of the awesome things trained orcas can do – it’s also about the importance of understanding our place in the larger ecosystem of Planet Earth and how human action impacts life everywhere.

“Blue Horizons” is another great animal exhibition that showcases dolphins, pilot whales, and various marine birds as they leap, flip, soar, and swim in a harmonious and glorious dance. “Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation” is especially popular with fans of the hit movie franchise. As a bonus, you can even meet the characters after the show to pose for pictures!

San Diego attractions

Penguins at SeaWorld San Diego

You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to see all of the participating animals in their normal habitats before and after scheduled performances, alongside the other animals that call SeaWorld San Diego home. So while you won’t see polar bears doing backflips into a pool anytime soon, you can still stop by and say hi to these lovable artic creatures. Don’t forget to check out exhibits like the interactive turtle reef, an amazing underwater tunnel through a tank of sharks, and the local penguin colony – which at last count numbered around 300 inhabitants!

Along with “Journey to Atlantis,” “Manta,” and many other thrilling amusement park-style rides, SeaWorld San Diego features a number of rides especially designed for younger children, including “Elmo’s Flying Fish” and “Oscar’s Rocking Eel.” Part of the “Sesame Street Bay of Play” area, these rides are less intense and just as fun! With its unique mix of entertainment, excitement, and edification, SeaWorld San Diego just has to be your number one marine destination in California this summer.

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Go San Diego Card holders with 3, 4, 5, or 7 day cards can visit SeaWorld San Diego every valid card day. For a limited time, Go Card holders also get one bonus visit to their sister park, Aquatica Waterpark! (Only on 3, 4, 5 or 7 day cards.) Combined with all of the other awesome San Diego attractions that are part of the Smart Destinations family, SeaWorld and Aquatica Waterpark make for one heck of a vacation.

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