Massachusetts Hotels to Offer Explorer Passes

Don’t be surprised if you see a special Boston Explorer Pass showing up with your room key when you check into your hotel. Thanks to a partnership between the Massachusetts Lodging Association and Smart Destinations (the creator of Explorer Pass), hotels across the state can now offer Explorer Passes directly to their guests.

The MLA Explorer Pass gives hotel guests the choice of any one attraction from a list of Massachusetts’ top 54 sights, activities, museums, and tours. The pass acts as the admission ticket for the attraction with nothing further to purchase upon arriving.

Attractions available include Boston’s must visit locations such as the New England Aquarium, Museum of Fine Arts, a 2-Day Beantown Trolley Pass, Fenway Park, a Charles Riverboat Cruise, and the Prudential Center’s SkyWalk Observatory.

Smart Destinations makes the process easy for MLA member hotels. After a Massachusetts Lodging Association member purchases the MLA Explorer Pass, they are given a card.  The guest then presents their card at their chosen attraction, the card is swiped and the guest is granted admission-it’s as easy as that. Once the pass is used at the attraction, the card expires.

If your hotel isn’t participating, you can hound them to get with the program. It won’t help you, but future travellers will be unknowingly in your debt. You can also get a Boston Explorer Pass directly either by buying a 3-choice Explorer Pass online or at one of the local retail locations, or (and this is new) build your own Custom Explorer Pass where you add as many things as you want to a custom ticket that is then built just for you.

No matter which route you take, the Explorer Pass is a great way to see and do the things you want on your visit to the Bay State while saving money in the process.

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