Maui Whale Watching

Whale TailEvery year from approximately December 15th to May 15th, Maui’s waters see an influx of humpback wales. An estimated 1,500 to 2,000 of these giant marine mammals congregate around Maui during this time making for some amazing whale watching.

It is possible to see whales from shore — particularly if you have an elevated vantage point. People often see 40-foot long Humpbacks from their cars while driving Maui’s coastal roads — with the unfortunate side effect of sudden braking by an excited whale spotter leading to a fender bender with another car!

The Prince Kuhio Wale Watch is a great way to get a little closer to these majestic creatures without putting your auto insurance to the test. The two-hour cruise is included as part of a Go Maui Card and each trip is accompanied by a naturalist who provides commentary and can answer questions about the whales.


  1. kerry says:

    Another way to see the whaels that i love is by going out of the Kihei Cove by Charlie Youngs on a stand up paddleboard. Not only can you see really well, because you are standing up, but you can paddle right up to the distance limit set by law. Get close and enjoy Maui.



  2. Great post! Thanx for sharing the info

  3. aloha says:

    Whale watching is extraordinary! It’s only one of the amazing things you can do in Maui. Aloha Hawaii!

  4. Go Airlines says:

    Whale watching is truly a magical experience. I haven’t been to the Kihei Cove yet, but that sounds exciting! There are some specials on our website that you might be interested in. We have a $42 one-way fare! Mahalo!

  5. Gary Reichel says:

    During Whale season take your snorkel gear out and go underwater. If whalers are nearby you can hear the whales’ singing. You best chances are during February, since it is the most active time giving you the best chances of experiencing the whale song.

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