New Attractions at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Travelers headed to Oahu this year are in luck – the Polynesian Cultural Center has recently added a whole bunch of new attractions to their already impressive selection of authentic Polynesian experiences. The new activities are spread across the six villages of the Center, so they each showcase a different aspect of Polynesian culture. While many of the new additions feature hands-on, active participation, there are plenty for the casual visitor, too (think shopping and eating!). Here’s a peek at what’s new this season at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Tree Climbing

That’s right – it’s not just for kids anymore. Tree climbing is an art in Oahu, and expert Samoan tree-climbers will show you the moves to get you to the top, native-style. Climb a real coconut tree and show off your skills!

Spear Throwing 

Why throw a bocce ball when you can learn to throw a spear? A spear, as in a long, pointy stick to vanquish your enemies; well, in this case, a coconut. A coconut on top of a pole 20 feet away, to be precise. Tahitian natives will coach you on the best combination of skill and luck required to show that coconut who’s boss.

Canoe Racing

Fun for the whole family, this activity gets everyone involved in a native-style canoe race. These canoes are replicas of those used by island natives in the past. Divide into teams and see who has the best canoe skills. So go ahead and take that family photo for the holiday card now – your friends will all be jealous.

Samoan Cooking

For culinary masters, amateurs, and those who just like to eat a good meal, this is a great way to get involved in native cuisine. Stop by early in the day to help prepare classic Samoan dishes using ingredients like coconut, taro, and fish, with dishes and utensils made of leaves, husks, sticks, and stones. You won’t see this on a cooking show! Be sure to come back later in the day to try your tasty creation.

When you’re done throwing, climbing, rowing, and cooking, take a break at the Banyan Tree Snack Bar, which serves up authentic cuisine like specialty plates and sandwiches, as well as a few snacks and drinks. Once you’ve recharged, hit the Polynesian Marketplace for some shopping time. You’ll find a great selection of handcrafted pieces, all displayed in traditional village markets and galleries. What are you waiting for? There’s a tree with your name on it at the Polynesian Cultural Center!

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