New England Aquarium

No trip to Boston is complete without a visit to the New England Aquarium.  This past Summer I took some time out to pay the aquarium a visit.  It has been much too long since my last visit, so I was really excited to relive some of my childhood memories.

The first thing that comes to mind when speaking about the aquarium is the outdoor harbor seal exhibit.  This exhibit is open all year round regardless of the weather and is always a welcoming site for aquarium visitors.

Once inside the floor level exhibit of penguins is still as exciting as it was when I was 10.  I’m amazed how quickly these birds move through the water.  The friendly games of chase amongst the penguins can keep me entertained for hours.

As you move through the aquarium each exhibit brings back great memories.  The petting tank, the top level of the ocean tank, the piranhas and electric eels all are as exciting now as they were when I was a child.  Actually, it is more exciting now as I like to learn more about each animal.

I just love how the aquarium organizes presentations so that even a short visit allows you to take in all the sites and shows.

If you are here at the right time of year, don’t forget to take advantage of the wonderful whale watching cruise and iMax theater just outside of the aquarium.


  1. Jives says

    That outdoor harbor seal exhibit is great! There will be even more improvements to the marine mammal exhibits this year.

    Here’s a blog entry from the marine mammal trainers that shows how you can play with the seals through the glass!

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