NYT Frugal Traveler Does Hawaii on a Dime

Oahu roadside viewView from the roadside, Oahu Photo uploaded by Go Card USA

This weekend New York Times travel writer Matt Gross shared his experiences in Hawaii on a Dime. My boyfriend and I are planning a Valentine’s Day trip to Hawaii, so he eagerly forwarded me the article (there’s also a slide show and a video to accompany the article online). Gross visited the Big Island and Kauai, but we’ll be traveling to Oahu and the Big Island instead.

Still, the writer offers some helpful tips, like booking rooms at a bed and breakfast and foregoing the expensive local coffee (unless you’re a serious coffee connoisseur). So far, the boyfriend and I managed to snag airline tickets from Boston to Honolulu for about $500 on Delta Airlines, and we’re spending about $100/night at locally owned B & B’s, as Gross suggests. Stay tuned for more on my budget adventures in Hawaii!


  1. tom travers says

    Good Job! We too aregoing to Oahu from Boston on ATA for $500 r/t. We always stay at b&b’s and if you want a suggestion, the aloha Bed and Breakfast is wonderful and is around $80 per nite (incl. tax) It’s in Hawaii Kai on the other side of Diamond Head. It’s a beautiful town and 15 mins away from Waikiki. If your staying for more than 7 days get the GoOahu card. It can save you lots and there’s a great promotion now with discounts and free bees.

    Have fun!

    Tom T.

  2. karen says

    So Matt spent one week and over a thousand $$. Last spring my guy and I spent 5 weeks on north shore camping on the beaches. We took the bus to south shore and stayed in a hostal for a week one block from the wall.Saw amazing things. Even spent money doing typical tourist stuff. Went back up to the beaches of north shore. (too many people south). We nowhere in hell spen the money he did and stayed for 5 weeks. Now that’s Hawaii on a dime!

  3. susan j says

    Hi Tom,
    We are definitely going to bring Go Oahu Cards and take advantage of the free 1-day car rental with 3,5 and 7-day cards. Hope you have a great trip!

  4. susan j says

    Hi Karen,
    I agree with you that there are cheaper ways to go. Matt Gross’ idea of budget travel is perhaps a little different from some of us, because he doesn’t usually stay in hotels or go camping. I’m jealous that you got to spend 5 whole weeks in Hawaii – that IS Hawaii on a dime!

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