Orlando for Kids: Top Three Attractions


Orlando for Kids

Orlando for Kids

Orlando is one of the best possible trips to take as a family. There are so many exciting things to do in Orlando for kids, so how do you narrow down the choices? If you take a trip to Orlando in the near future, here are three things your kids absolutely cannot miss:

1. Kennedy Space Center

What is it about space, stars, planets, and the thought of being an astronaut that captures that the imaginations of children and adults alike? If you are going to Orlando with kids, it would be a shame not to experience the Kennedy Space Center. You can see exhibits such as the Astronauts Hall of Fame, where you’ll witness the sights and sounds of the famous astronauts who first ventured into the great unknown, and have the chance to look at some of their memorabilia and personal items. You can experience Science on a Sphere, an amazing 3D representation of Earth and planets from the perspective of being in space.

Your kids will love the Rocket Garden, an outdoor exhibit with historic rockets such as the Redstone, the Atlas, and the Titan, placed against bright blue lighting. Then climb aboard the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Capsules. This, along with the famous Hubble Telescope exhibit, are just a few of the many incredible things to see at the Kennedy Space Center.

2. Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

After a long day of sightseeing and exploring rockets, what could be more fun for kids than an entertaining dinner show?  Take your kids to Orlando’s most exciting and hilarious dinner theater: Pirate’s Dinner adventure. Picture the family on an 18th-century Spanish galleon, docked in an aquamarine lagoon. The stars are shining, the cannons are firing, and dozens of pirates are swarming the decks. You will even have the chance to play an actual role in the action as the evil Captain Sebastian leads his crew of renegades to overtake a ship before your very eyes! This show, which has been running for 15 years, is an epic, interactive adventure that visitors of all ages will adore.

3. Sea World

Last of the Orlando attractions (but not least), you must experience SeaWorld. There is no water park in the world quite like it, especially when you are considering a trip to Orlando for kids. The animal exhibits are SeaWorld’s claim to fame, and while the rides and shows are exciting, this is the part of the park that is as real as it gets. Sharks, polar bears, walruses, beluga whales, dolphins, penguins, rescued manatees, stingrays, Pacific seals, sea turtles, manta rays, coral reefs, and all manner of fish and marine life await you!

In addition to SeaWorld’s incredible exhibits, there are also tons of amazing rides. Explore the mysterious lost city of Atlantis on a water/roller coaster combo ride; take on one of the world’s top ten roller coasters, Kraken—named for mythological sea beast; free fall in a capsule on an electric-blue, 400-foot tall Sky Tower; get your adrenaline pumping on a jet helicopter simulator that goes straight into the heart of an arctic storm; and check out Manta- a stingray-like coaster that soars over sea and sky in graceful flight, reaching speeds of up to 60mph!

Yet it is SeaWorld’s shows that really make the park come alive for kids. The Blue Horizon show features dolphins, killer whales, exotic birds, and even an Andean condor. Shamu Rocks is Shamu’s latest show: a “rock ‘n’ roll” concert complete with killer whale improv and some legitimate rock stars. Pets Ahoy is also a great option: a comedy show hosted by “common” domestic animals doing not-so-common things like flipping, jumping, high-wire walking, dune buggy riding and more with their awesome trainers.

Note: Check the SeaWorldwebsite for up to date show information and schedules before you go.



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