Reviews of Go Oahu Card

Over 1300 Smart Destinations customers were interviewed by a third party research firm (KRC Research) last Summer. They were asked about their experience with the company’s Go Cards and Explorer Passes.

They found that 94% of the customers surveyed said they were either “satisfied” or “extremely satisfied.” And most of those customers said they were “extremely satisfied.”

The customers were also asked what they valued most about the product. Three answers were the most commonly given:

  • The quality and quantity of the attractions that accept the card for admission
  • The fact that it saved them money compared to having to buy separate tickets at each attraction
  • The fact they card was easy to use

In addition 91% of the customers said they would recommend a Go Card or Explorer Pass to someone else.

So if you are looking into buying a Go Oahu Card, it is nice to know that existing customers gave such positive reviews of the product. To see the Frugal Travel Guy‘s review of the Go Oahu Card where you can read one customer’s experience using the card in detail, go here. Or for another point of view, please read Lisa Weber’s review of the Go Oahu Card and the Go Maui Card. Another Go Oahu Card review is at


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