Spring at Boston Museum of Fine Arts

One of our favorite places for artistic inspiration is the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. This spring, you’ll discover exhibits and artwork that span various exciting areas of human creativity, from craftwork to Caravaggio to Cezanne. Along with the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the MFA presents the best of the art world. No trip to Beantown is complete without an afternoon spent at this famous institution!

Explore the colors of spring through the art of quiltwork, with a new exhibition of fascinating quilt art from the Pilgrim/Roy Collection. The exhibit, entitled, “Quilts and Color” showcases the creativity and innovation of these works of art reinterpreted a functional household item in a whole new way. A collection acquired by Paul Pilgrim and Gerald Roy, this selection of almost 60 different works explores the variations of color, style, fabric, and sewing techniques across the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This is not your grandmother’s quilt! (Unless your grandmother happened to be really into translating principles of abstract impressionism into unconventional media.) This exhibit will be available from April 6 to July 27 of this year.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts "Saint Francis in Meditation"

One version of “Saint Francis in Meditation.”

Play detective as you explore one of the art world’s biggest mysteries – the problems of attribution, authenticity, and originality. “Visiting Masterpieces: Caravaggio and Connoisseurship,” features two works attributed to the sixteenth century Italian Master. The problem? They’re almost identical! Rediscovered in the twentieth century, these “lost masterpieces” are both entitled “Saint Francis in Meditation” and exhibit only minor differences in composition. While it wasn’t uncommon for other artists to copy popular paintings, it does make it difficult to determine the provenance and relative value of a painting without knowing which one came first. In this exhibit, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts presents a compelling opportunity for visitors to examine both paintings up close and try to decide which example is the original. This exhibit is available from April 12 to June 15.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts Ballet Dancer with Arms Crossed

Edgar Degas, “Ballet Dancer with Arms Crossed.” One of the 30 works in “Boston Loves Impressionism.”

Be sure to check out one of my personal favorite exhibits, “Boston Loves Impressionism.” Filled with classic and quirky works of Impressionist art chosen by fans, this exhibit includes some of the most beautiful, the most intriguing, and the most thought-provoking paintings and sketches of the genre. There’s a healthy dose of Monet’s signature gardens and flowers, Renoir’s ladies, and some unique pieces by Van Gogh, Cezanne, and Mary Cassatt. You’ll also find a collection of letters, newspaper clippings, photos, and exhibition catalogues concerning the featured works. This exhibit is currently open, and will remain available until May 26.

Visit the Boston Museum of Fine Arts with Smart Destinations and find your inspiration!

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