Sunset Photos

Maui sunsetMaui Sunset Photo uploaded by Go Card USA

Sunsets always seem to be more beautiful in person than they are in the photos we get developed after the event. However, Budget Travel has a great article that’s bound to produce better results to make your friends and family feel like they were there too!

Entitled “How to Take Better Sunset Photos,” the article offers tips for making your photos of memorable sunsets as great as they were in person. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an amateur photographer, the article outlines everything from resolution settings to elements of a great composition.

Do you have any photography tips for traveling to Hawaii? We’d love to hear where you think visitors should go to obtain the best sunset photographs. Leave us a comment!


  1. Paul Dodd says:

    There are some great photography tips on taking pictures of beautiful sunset pictures.
    I will take all the information in for my next vacation and use what I have learned here.

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