Oahu Attraction Closings for Government Shutdown


As you are probably aware of at this point, certain factions of the United States government have become involved in a dispute which has resulted in some parts of the government being closed until further notice. While the shutdown will obviously be temporary, there are a number of affected areas in the interim. For travelers in certain areas of the country, some attractions which are involved with the federal government may or may not be open. If you were planning on visiting any Oahu Attractions today or in the near future, there are a few closings to be aware of. Due to the Government … [Read more...]

Oahu Museums Discount Tickets


It doesn't happen often, but sometimes it even rains in paradise. Make sure you have a contingency plan for your Hawaiian vacation by purchasing a Discount Oahu Attraction Package that includes access to some of the great (at least partially) indoor destinations that Oahu has to offer, specifically the city’s museums. Probably one of the most important places to visit is the Pacific Aviation Museum, an institution that was opened in order to honor aviators and the support personnel who defended freedom in the Pacific Region and to preserve Pacific aviation history. A visit to Pacific … [Read more...]

Re-Opening of Hawaiian Hall at the Bishop Museum

The Bishop Museum has just completed the first renovation in over 100 years of its Hawaiian Hall. The Victorian style building displayed some of the most advanced ideas of museum design at its original opening in 1903 and the re-opened Hall updates and expands the original goal of the museum to tell its stories with an authentic Hawaiian perspective. The three floors of the Hawaiian Hall tell the story of the Islands and their people with each floor focused on a particular theme. The First floor covers pre-contact Hawaii with displays and artifacts centered on religion, legends, and … [Read more...]