Best Places for School Trips in Los Angeles


Now that summer is over, it’s back to school for children all across the U.S. Although not all kids are huge fans of back-to-school season, most students are at least pleased with some of the activities that come along with the return to the classroom, with field trips often topping the list. Students in Southern California really luck out because there are litanies of Los Angeles Attractions that are great places to visit on school trips. There is probably no better time to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific than this fall. Two Magellanic penguin chicks have been on display with the … [Read more...]

Best Los Angeles Family Attractions

International Surfing Festival

While Los Angeles draws in tourists from all over the world, it also has a reputation as being a place for adults only. The connotations of the nearby Las Vegas hotels have rubbed off and there seems to be a lot of sin to go around. This is slightly unfair, as there are plenty of Los Angeles family attractions. Disneyland remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in the LA area and has been since it opened in the 1950’s. A visit here is sure to enthuse the younger members of any family and, although it may have been eclipsed by its cousin in Florida, many connoisseurs say that … [Read more...]