Tired of Standing in Line on Vacation?

Most people who buy sightseeing passes or city passes like the New York City Explorer Pass do so because it is a way to save when they see the sights and take in tours and activities. But there are added benefits that people don’t always realize exists until after they have bought and used the product. These go beyond the savings offered. Besides money, what is the most precious resource on vacation? Memory for your digital camera? Room in your stomach so you can over-eat? Resilient leg muscles to get you around to everything you want to do? Sure, but a better answer is time. In fact, … [Read more...]

Smart Destinations Partners with Southwest Airlines Vacations

Smart Destinations has partnering up with Southwest Airlines Vacations for the month of March to offer special deals on two-Day Go City Cards for Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, San Francisco, and Seattle. The sale will run for the month of March and cover passes valid until December 31, 2010. The City Go Card brings the concept of a "city pass" -- or sightseeing pass -- to the US travel market. While having a long history in Europe and parts of Asia, these tourist passes are still relatively new in the US. But since their introduction, their use has skyrocketed: … [Read more...]

“Explore Your New York” a Great Way to Do Exactly That!

Smart Destinations and Marriott Hotels of New York City are offering an exceptional getaway package.  The package, called “Explore Your New York” is designed to provide visitors a perfect weekend in the Big Apple buy combining a weekend's hotel stay with breakfast for two and two New York City Explorer Passes. The NY Explorer Pass let you visit any three of fourty participating museums, tours, and attractions. “We wanted to find a great partner in New York City to work with us in offering a package that delivers exceptional value for today’s traveler,” said Cecilia Dahl, … [Read more...]


“Leonardo da Vinci’s Workshop” opened today in New York City.  Marking its world premier, this one-of-a-kind exhibit features life-size, interactive models of Leonardo’s inventions and machines drawn directly from the pages of his notebooks. Visitors will get to see dozens of Leonardo’s ideas brought to life from the iconic drawings he put down on paper at the height of the Renaissance.  Highlights range from weapons of war to flying machines imagined centuries before the Wright brothers. Hundreds more of Leonardo’s ideas are presented through interactive touch-screens, … [Read more...]

3 Millionth Go City Card Visit Occurs in Chicago

Smart Destinations, the company behind the Go City Cards and Explorer Pass, hit a milestone in August when the 3 millionth visit occurred using one of its products. The visit occurred at Skydeck Chicago using a Go Chicago Card. Skydeck recently opened The Ledge, retractable glass-floored bays that extend over four feet outside the tower to allow visitors to gaze 103 floors straight down from America’s tallest building.   “We’ve continued to grow strongly in 2009,” said Cecilia Dahl, founder and President of Smart Destinations. “Beyond the savings component of our product we know … [Read more...]

New York City Explorer Pass Now Includes a Ten Choice Option

The New York City Explorer Pass offers the ultimate in convenience, cost savings and flexibility for visitors and locals alike. Customers choose three, five, seven – and now ten -- attractions at a low, pre-paid price. The pass serves as a ticket to any of the 45 participating NY attractions. Customers have the freedom to use the pass at anytime of the day or night and can take up to 30 days to use the admissions on the pass, making it an ideal way to see the city in a few days or over multiple weekends. The pass also provides discounts at popular restaurants and shops and the ability to … [Read more...]

Saving Money on Travel Beyond Flights and Hotels

The Internet abounds with sites and tips dedicated to saving money on flights and hotels. Even people who don't exhaustively read up on how to get the best deals typically visit multiple sites before booking a flight. Hotel booking used to be a one and done activity, but now typically involves a variety of sites as travelers make sure they are getting the best deal. Expedia and other online travel agents' sites dropping their booking fees was a direct reaction to travelers' habit of researching flights options on their sites, picking the one they wanted, then booking it directly from the … [Read more...]

Travel Industry Leaders Get a Handle on the Go Miami Card

  Smart Destinations, the company behind Go Cards and Explorer Passes, along with the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors bureau are promoting the wide variety of things to do in Miami by distributing Go Miami Cards to international buyers and travel media at TIA’s International POW WOW May 16th – 20th. The annual event draws over 1500 buyers from 70 countries and over 450 travel journalists from 40 countries to conduct business negotiations that result in an estimated $3.5 Billion in future USA travel.   This year, TIA’s POW WOW will be held in the host city of … [Read more...]