Best Places for School Trips in Los Angeles

Now that summer is over, it’s back to school for children all across the U.S. Although not all kids are huge fans of back-to-school season, most students are at least pleased with some of the activities that come along with the return to the classroom, with field trips often topping the list. Students in Southern California really luck out because there are litanies of Los Angeles Attractions that are great places to visit on school trips. There is probably no better time to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific than this fall. Two Magellanic penguin chicks have been on display with the r … [Read more...]

discovery science center

Family-Friendly Things to do in L.A. on a Rainy Day

If Los Angeles is your choice for a family vacation destination, chances are you're picturing yourself basking in the abundant SoCal sunshine. And this is rightfully so—the chances of precipitation intruding on your family vacation are minimal in the City of Angels with the average rainfall reaching just over 15 inches a year. However, what will you do if one of L.A.'s undesirable rainy days falls smack in the middle of your vacation week? As this is an unexpected turn of events, tourists tend to find themselves ill-prepared in such occurrences without a rainy day itinerary to turn to. But a … [Read more...]