The Field Museum’s Wonders of 1893 World’s Fair

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The Field Museum has long been numbered among the best museums in the country and is certainly one of the most popular cultural Chicago attractions. But did you know that The Field Museum has its roots in the 1893 World’s Fair? This fall, pay a visit to the Field Museum’s new special exhibit to find out more – “Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair.” The 1893 World’s Fair is a huge deal to Chicagoans, and rightfully so. It was a crucial exhibition that brought visitors and commerce to a city recovering from the devastating Great Fire.  Called the World’s … [Read more...]

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Despite its nickname, summer in the Windy City can be really, really warm. Keep yourself feeling cool by scoring hot deals on some of the best attractions that Chicago has to offer and beat the heat in more ways than one. The Best of Chicago package saves you 41% on admission to Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, SkyDeck, Museum of Science & Industry, Adler Planetarium & Art Institute! It’s often said that heat rises and there’s no better place to put theory to the test than at the SkyDeck on the top of Willis Tower. At 1,353 feet up, the SkyDeck offers its more than 1.3 million … [Read more...]

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Situated at 400 South Lake Shore Drive near Chicago Harbor, the Field Museum is the centerpiece of a lakefront Museum Campus that also is home to the Adler Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium. The campus’ three attractions are regarded as among the finest of their kind in the world and together they attract more annual visitors than any comparable site in Chicago. The Field Museum traces its roots all the way back to 1893 and is named after the Museum's first major benefactor, Marshall Field. Founded to house biological and anthropological collections assembled for the World's Columbian … [Read more...]

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For a city that’s well known for its hearty food, excellent sports teams and vibrant architecture, Chicago has a pretty exceptional collection of museums as well. If you want to investigate the intellectual side of the Second City, the Chicago Museum Pass package saves you 26% on admission to the Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, Art Institute of Chicago and Museum of Science and Industry! Save money! Located at 57th Street and Lake Shore Drive, the Museum of Science and Industry is open every day of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas. After your visit, you’ll probably be … [Read more...]

Mammoths and Mastodons Take The Field Museum

Illustration by Velizar Simeonovski © The Field Museum Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age is a special exhibition coming to The Field Museum. Visitors will step back to the time of these fascinating animals with a series of exhibits and interactive opportunities. The highlight is Lyuba, a 42,000 year old baby woolly mammoth. Lyuba made headlines when she was discovered because she is the most complete mammoth ever discovered. You'll learn how she and her kind lived and survived in a world populated with saber-tooth tigers and short-faced bears. Other exhibits include the … [Read more...]