5 Chocolate Tasting Tours in the United States

Take a Savor Seattle Chocolate Tasting Tour

Whether you're a local or a tourist, there's really no better way to experience a city than a chocolate tasting tour. When you combine sightseeing with decadent gourmet chocolate, you really just can't go wrong. As part of the current food tour phenomenon, chocolate tasting tours can be found all over the United States in major cities. From the mountains to the prairies, Americans appreciate their chocolate. Another great thing about these tours is that they're all done on foot, so you'll get a feel for the city you're in and walk off the excess chocolate calories. SEATTLE Chocolate Indulgence Tour by Savor Seattle This 2-hour walking tour in the beautiful city of Seattle includes over 15 chocolate tastings. You'll learn about Seattle's chocolate history and its 50+ chocolatiers, and get tips on how to best savor this decadent dessert. This tour doesn't include just any old … [Read more...]

Food on Foot Tours Robbed of #1 spot on Top 10 List

TripAdvisor recently published its list of the top ten “sweetest attractions” in the U.S. The list was picked by TripAdvisor editors who got it all wrong. As always happens when anonymous "editors" make critical decisions on ranking, the safe pick always wins while fans are left to powerlessly gnash their teeth over the injustice that pervades our world. In this case the number one spot went to a perennial favorite: Hershey's Chocolate World, in Hershey, PA. OK, so it’s unclear if this list (or even one like it) has ever existed before, but if it had, you’ve got to believe the folks at Hershey would be on it given how long they have been at it and the fact that they have an amusement park and even a spa you can work into your visit to Hershey’s. So they will be a perennial favorite in future years assuming TripAdvisor keeps it up. And will probably hold the number one … [Read more...]