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When you’re preparing for a family vacation to Orlando, the last thing you think of packing is your raincoat. But even in Orlando, the sun can’t always shine. We’re not saying you should dig out your umbrella, but we are saying that you’ll probably want to make some back-up plans just in case the rain clouds follow you south. Luckily, this doesn’t mean you have to visit some second-rate attraction just to fill some time; rather, Orlando offers indoor attractions that will entertain the whole family for hours. One such attraction is WonderWorks Orlando ⎯It’s also a great escape from the sun and the heat on those treacherous summer days. However, WonderWorks is such a beloved attraction that you’ll likely want to check it out whatever the weather; whole tourist groups … [Read more...]

Gatorland Adds Giant White Alligators for a Limited Time Engagement

Orlando's popular Gatorland has always drawn visitors to its 110 acre site with the promise of up close encounters with its primary inhabitants. Now there are four more reasons to spend some time at the "Alligator Capital of the World" -- four of the world's largest white leucistic alligators. These striking blue-eyed creatures are each over 10 feet in length and weigh over 800 pounds. They are on display in a special exhibit space that allows visitors to (safely) get within a few feet for an unbelievable view of these extremely rare animals. Originally discovered in a Louisiana swamp, the white alligators were collected as babies before the liability of their lack of pigment caught up with them. In addition to its newest residents, Gatorland has thousands of alligators and … [Read more...]

New Site for Go Orlando Card

The Go Orlando Card site has a completely new look. The old site has been replaced with a new site that offers a number of improvements for customers. First, the site has been folded in under a new top navigation bar that allows customers see all of the Go Cards and Explorer Passes offered by Smart Destinations. Previously, each Card had its own separate site which meant most customers were not even aware they could get Cards in other destinations across North America. Second, more information has been placed at customers’ finger tips. They can learn how the card works, where it is accepted, read reviews by other customers, and see all the VIP extras on the same page. Images and descriptions have been upgraded, navigation streamlined and improved, and other changes have … [Read more...]