Self-Guided Hawaii Volcano Tours


Transform any vacation to the Hawaiian Islands into an incredible adventure by adding a volcano tour to your itinerary.

Aloha Festivals in Oahu

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Infuse your life with the vibrant culture and traditions of Hawaii at the annual Aloha Festivals in Oahu, the largest Hawaiian cultural celebration in the United States. The Aloha Festivals were first established in 1946 under the name Aloha Week to preserve… [Read More]

Pan Pacific Festival


Join thousands of enthused spectators and participants for the 34th annual Pan Pacific Festival in Honolulu! As one of Hawaii’s largest festivals, various Pacific-Rim cultures unite through their shared passion for music, arts, dance, performance, food, and more! Nearly 100 difference performance… [Read More]

Best Times to Visit Hawaii

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In Hawaii, weather and climate aren’t really factors for when to visit, unlike many other travel destinations. The islands are in a tropical climate, with a dry season roughly from April to October and its rainy season typically from November to March;… [Read More]