Summer at Knott’s Berry Farm


A Southern California vacation often involves a trip to one or more of the area’s top theme parks. However, summertime in places like Disneyland means lots of crowds and long lines – not to mention the astronomical prices. This summer, enjoy short… [Read More]

Los Angeles Tourism Discounts

Ferris Wheel Santa Monica Pier

Picture yourself sprawled out on a beach towel in the sands of Santa Monica while LA natives bike or jog on the paved trail behind you and off in the distance a camera crew captures footage that could wind up on your… [Read More]

Southern California Attraction Discounts


Northern California can be a great place to visit. San Francisco is beautiful, Oakland has lots to do and if you go even farther up, Redwood country looms tall. That said, the North can’t really keep up with all the Southern California… [Read More]

Visit Knotts Soak City

Old Man Falls image

What do you do as the fall draws near and weather starts to cool? Head to California, of course! Make your summer last with a visit to California’s popular Knotts Soak City in Buena Park, available through both of Smart Destinations’ budget-friendly… [Read More]