Los Angeles Tourism Discounts

Ferris Wheel Santa Monica Pier

Picture yourself sprawled out on a beach towel in the sands of Santa Monica while LA natives bike or jog on the paved trail behind you and off in the distance a camera crew captures footage that could wind up on your… [Read More]

Top Los Angeles Winter Attractions

universal studios

There are several reasons why a trip to Los Angeles in the winter will be advantageous to both you and your wallet. Among the top few reasons are that the weather is mild, hotel rates are nearly half of what the are… [Read More]

The Oscars 2014

Top Los Angeles Attractions

It’s almost spring, and that means one thing to the Hollywood elite and cinephiles alike – Oscar Season! Formally known as the Academy Awards, but popularly called “The Oscars” after the statuette given to each award recipient, this event is among the… [Read More]

Top Los Angeles Holiday Attractions

christmas tree disney

This holiday season, give your family a one-of-a-kind gift that won’t soon be forgotten: a vacation in Hollywood! What better time than the season of magic and joy to visit the city that’s got a magic of its own. And while Los… [Read More]

Best Places to Visit for Thanksgiving


No matter where you are planning on spending the Thanksgiving holiday, the odds are it is going to be great. Some might say that Halloween is the first event that kicks off the holiday season, but nothing really started until Thanksgiving rolls… [Read More]

Los Angeles Holiday Lights

holiday lights los angeles

With winter months averaging in the balmy 70-degree range, the holiday months in Los Angeles offer an alternative to the typical image of pine trees and snow-covered hills. But don’t underestimate the power of holiday cheer in cohesion with the power of… [Read More]

Los Angeles Vegan Cuisine


Voted by PETA as one of the top three vegan-friendly cities, Los Angeles is home to a wide selection of amazing vegetarian chain and niche restaurants with sensational reviews. The vegan/vegetarian market in the LA area has seen immense growth in recent… [Read More]

Best Places for School Trips in Los Angeles


Now that summer is over, it’s back to school for children all across the U.S. Although not all kids are huge fans of back-to-school season, most students are at least pleased with some of the activities that come along with the return… [Read More]

Last Minute Labor Day Vacations


As summer draws to a close and the prospect of the falls looms squarely on the horizon, you might be starting to feel like it all went by too fast, like you didn’t do enough over the past few months. Don’t worry… [Read More]

L.A. World Bodysurfing Championship

bodysurfing competition

As a child, you probably did your fair share of bodysurfing at the beach: Waiting for the perfect wave, timing your launch, and enjoying the ride back to shore. Did you know that bodysurfing is a real professional sport? Practiced by athletes… [Read More]

Labor Day in Los Angeles


If your are planning to be vacationing in the Los Angeles area over Labor Day Weekend, you might not necessarily have a BBQ to go to or a grill of your own to fire up. This year, you could try saving the… [Read More]

Top Los Angeles Sights and Attractions

Best Los Angeles tours

Los Angeles isn’t known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” for nothing. In the city that’s home to Hollywood, the nation’s best television, music, and filmmaking studios, and a surplus of amusement attractions, naming the top Los Angeles sights and attractions… [Read More]

L.A. International Surf Festival 2013

International Surf Festival

Popular culture associates the sport of surfing with California, and for good reason. The wild beaches and strong tidal patterns of the Pacific make much of the California coastline ideal for this iconic sport. Fortunately for surf-lovers visiting Los Angeles this summer,… [Read More]

Father’s Day in Los Angeles


Take Dad on a trip to rub elbows with the stars when you visit one of the many stupendous Los Angeles Attractions that will be open this Father’s Day. If you want to head to a Los Angeles Attraction that is distinctly… [Read More]

American Indian Arts Marketplace at Autry National Center

wild horse dancer

For the curious-minded, there’s much more to Los Angeles than the Hollywood sign or even the many beautiful beaches (though we never get tired of those). Across the nation, autumn seems to be the season for festivals of art and culture, and… [Read More]