Best Free Things to do in NYC


Most people think that taking a trip to New York City will cost a lot of money and, to a certain extent, they are probably right. To be sure, the costs of lodging in NYC certainly aren’t cheap and some things (soda, cigarettes, food, drinks) are pricier in the city than they are in other locations. Still, that doesn’t mean that a trip to the City that Never Sleeps should keep you up all night worrying about how much it is going to cost; there are certainly ways to get buy on a budget. Here area a few ideas about some under-the-radar, free things you can do to supplement the attractions … [Read more...]

Make the Most of Yankees Opening Day Weekend


The perfect game for opening day, longtime rivals the Boston Red Sox will be visiting Yankee Stadium on Monday, April 1 to kick off the baseball season this year. While this spring has been a chilly one, we’re hoping for moderate temperatures next week so fans can enjoy an afternoon of fun and excitement  (and hopefully victory!) in New York City. For the loyal fans who travel to New York to be there for the start of the new season, your Monday plans are most definitely set in stone. But since you’ll likely be in town for the weekend before, why not take advantage of your free time and … [Read more...]

Food on Foot Tours Robbed of #1 spot on Top 10 List

TripAdvisor recently published its list of the top ten “sweetest attractions” in the U.S. The list was picked by TripAdvisor editors who got it all wrong. As always happens when anonymous "editors" make critical decisions on ranking, the safe pick always wins while fans are left to powerlessly gnash their teeth over the injustice that pervades our world. In this case the number one spot went to a perennial favorite: Hershey's Chocolate World, in Hershey, PA. OK, so it’s unclear if this list (or even one like it) has ever existed before, but if it had, you’ve got to believe the … [Read more...]

Great Deal on Helicopter Tour of New York City

There are many great ways to see New York City. On foot, on a tour, from the water: they all offer great views and opportunities to capture your memories with a camera. But if you are looking for something a little different, you probably should consider a helicopter tour. The Big Apple Tourby Liberty Helicopters is one of our favorites. You get an unparalleled view of one of the United States' most famous landmark, the Statue of Liberty. You also get a birds-eye-view of the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Woolworth Building, the Met Life Building, and, well, pretty … [Read more...]

NYC All Around Town Tour is an All Around Deal

We get the benefit of seeing a lot of travel oriented deals, both in New York City and elsewhere. The good news for travellers is there are a lot of good deals to be had. But every now an then we come across an insanely great deal. The folks at CitySights are a NYC fixture. Their buses provide a network of tours across the city, including hop-on hop-off type tours that are extremely popular because they not only provide a tour, but they give tourists a handy form of transport. While we are fans of many of the CitySights tours in their own right, they have a special deal that is really … [Read more...]