Oahu spring break

Cheap Oahu Attraction Tickets

It’s hard to believe it’s already August, but with only a month left before the inevitable start of the school year, we’ll all soon be wrapping up our summer vacation plans. However, as the days get cooler and shorter in most of North America, down in the Hawaiian Islands, life is as carefree and casual as it ever was. September is largely a warm, dry, and sunny month on the island of Oahu, and even the winter season in Hawaii is likely to see temperatures in the mid 70s. September through December is a great time to visit Oahu because airfare and accommodations can be found for cheaper than th … [Read more...]


Oahu Attraction Closings for Government Shutdown

As you are probably aware of at this point, certain factions of the United States government have become involved in a dispute which has resulted in some parts of the government being closed until further notice. While the shutdown will obviously be temporary, there are a number of affected areas in the interim. For travelers in certain areas of the country, some attractions which are involved with the federal government may or may not be open. If you were planning on visiting any Oahu Attractions today or in the near future, there are a few closings to be aware of. Due to the Government … [Read more...]


Prince Kuhio Day

What better way to experience Oahu than to engage in a celebration of its rich history and tradition? Locals and tourists alike welcome the holiday each year on March 26th - the birthdate of Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniani’ole Piikoi. Prince Kuhio was the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Hawaii who became the 1st Hawaiian delegate to the United States Congress. As delegate, he wrote the first Hawaii Statehood bill in 1919, and won the Hawaiian Homes Act in 1921 - which set aside 200,000 acres of land for Hawaiian Natives. Prince Kuhio Day not only honors the former royal, but it is also a l … [Read more...]


New Attractions at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Travelers headed to Oahu this year are in luck – the Polynesian Cultural Center has recently added a whole bunch of new attractions to their already impressive selection of authentic Polynesian experiences. The new activities are spread across the six villages of the Center, so they each showcase a different aspect of Polynesian culture. While many of the new additions feature hands-on, active participation, there are plenty for the casual visitor, too (think shopping and eating!). Here’s a peek at what’s new this season at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Tree Climbing That’s right – it’s not … [Read more...]


What’s Going On at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Have you heard of the Polynesian Cultural Center? There isn’t one complete sentence that can fully describe it; part theme park, part luau, part educational center, there’s almost too much going on there to list! This expansive family attraction is about an hour drive from Waikiki, and promises a full day (or more) of entertainment. Here’s why you should visit and what you should see when you’re there: Visit With Six Polynesian Cultures All In One Day The Polynesian Cultural Center is partly divided into seven separate villages: Tonga, Tahiti, Marquesas, Samoa, Aotearoa, Fiji, and, of course, … [Read more...]

Big Waves on Oahu’s North Shore

Each year since 1986, if and when the conditions are just right, the Eddie Aikau Surf Meet is held at Waimea on Oahu's North Shore. Although famed for its big waves, only when there promises to be truly monster surf does the event come together and big wave surfers from all over join the locals in competing in this event. Unlike other big wave competition which allow for surfers to be towed into the waves, competitors here must paddle themselves out through the waves. The result is what many call the purest big wave surfing event around. It can be hard for outsiders to catch this event … [Read more...]