NYC Group Trip Deals

Even though it seems like it might be a little tricky, getting around in New York City with a group of people is actually easier there than it is in some other places. There are multiple ways that groups can travel together (subways, buses, taxi-vans) and New Yorkers are used to people who are unfamiliar with the city trying to navigate around so they’ll generally leave you alone. If you are looking for some great group travel deals that are exclusive to NYC, a New York Attractions Pass is a great place to start. Your group will have the opportunity to customize their New York Explorer P … [Read more...]


New York Summer Attraction Deals

All New York City attractions are a deal with a New York Explorer Pass, Go Select New York Pass or one of the many NYC Go Select Packages by Smart Destinations! Below are a few of our picks for the best New York summer attraction deals... New Yorkers disagree about a lot of things (politics, sports, directions, borough supremacy) but one thing they generally agree about is that the food in their city is better than yours - no matter where you are coming from. If you are going to be in the city this summer, see what all the fuss is about by going on a New York Food Tour. There are just as … [Read more...]


United Nations Tour Discounts

Even if you have gone on the United Nations Tour in the past, it could be quite different on your next trip to New York City. The UN is going under a massive renovation beginning on May 31 in order to make the United Nations Headquarters in New York a safer, more modern, and more energy-efficient complex for delegates, staff and of course, for you - the visitor. Now, the United Nations Tour will begin at the Dag Hammarskjöld Library Building at 42nd Street & 1st Avenue starting in June and lasting until 2015. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s what you can expect on your visi … [Read more...]