San Diego Virtual Go Card


One of the hardest things about traveling is making sure that you don’t pack too much, but also being positive that you don’t leave anything behind. It’s very easy to forget something essential like a camera, bathing suit or sun-block and the more stuff you have to worry about bringing, the harder it is to make sure you have it all. With the San Diego Virtual Go Card attractions pass, which is immediately available for download as a mobile pass on your smartphone, you won’t have to worry about a thing. The San Diego Virtual Go Card comes with free instant delivery (and a mobile … [Read more...]

Mass Creativity Day at Children’s Museum of San Diego


Mark your calendars! It’s almost time for the Mass Creativity Day at the new Children’s Museum of San Diego. You won’t want to miss this day-long outdoor event on June 22nd that celebrates the art and projects of community members, and provides numerous activities led by authentic San Diego artists. This event is a wonderful opportunity to experience the vibrancy of San Diego’s local community, while participating in dynamic, hands-on activities! Located in the heart of downtown San Diego, the New Children’s Museum is one of the prime San Diego attractions. It is home to art … [Read more...]