San Diego Vacation Tips


One of the best things about traveling to San Diego is that the city’s usually phenomenal weather means that no matter what you pack (or forget to pack in your suitcase), you will almost certainly be comfortable. So load up on sneakers, flip-flops, bathing suits, shorts, sweatpants, T-shirts, hoodies or whatever you choose and get ready to enjoy America’s Finest City! (Packing some sunblock is probably a good idea too.) In addition to sunscreen, purchasing a Go San Diego Card® discount attractions pass is also another stellar suggestion. The special pass will provide you with free … [Read more...]

Best Places for School Trips in San Diego


The onset of fall means different things to different people. To some, fall represents the changing of seasons and fun things like apple-picking, Halloween and leaves drifting off the trees. To others, fall means the end of summer and the time when kids head back to school. Although the return to the classroom isn’t always fun for some children, most kids do enjoy at least one thing about school (besides recess) - field trips. For students in Southern California, there is probably no better place to go than America’s Finest City. There are a number of stellar San Diego Attractions that … [Read more...]

Things to do on Father’s Day in San Diego


If you’re going to be on the west coast during the middle of June and your Dad is too, there’s probably no better place to celebrate Father’s Day than in the never-too-hot, never-too-cold coastal town of San Diego in southern California. There are plenty of San Diego Attractions to enjoy and no matter what Dad wants to do, you’ll be sure to have some memorable adventures in the chilled-out confines of the city by the sea. Is Dad into cars, trucks, buses and bikes? Then head to the San Diego Automotive Museum, an attraction devoted to all things that run on gas and burn rubber. … [Read more...]