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Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Oahu

If you don’t have plans locked in for this Valentine’s Day, you better get to work. However, if you’re lucky enough to be spending the most romantic day of the year in one of the most romantic places in the world, you’ve at least got plenty of options. Whether you’re keeping the fire going or sparking a new one, a fun Valentine’s Day date is a great way to show someone you care—and that you know how to have a good time! If your loved one likes the great outdoors, take her on a hike. If your honey can’t get enough Hawaiian culture and cuisine, a luau might really wow him. Either way, there are m … [Read more...]


Oahu Island Tour Discount Tickets

Get ready to say Aloha! If you plan on taking a trip to the youngest state in the union anytime soon, you are probably going to have lots of things that you want to do. Eat some exquisitely-prepared food, go to a luau and maybe even dance the Hula a few times…maybe not. Whatever your plans happen to be, you may want to consider adding an Oahu Island Tour to the list. Save on admission to Oahu Island Tours and other top Oahu attractions with a Go Oahu Card discount attractions pass. Save money and skip lines! This 120-mile Oahu Island Tour leaves bright and early at approximately 7:50 am and … [Read more...]