New York Attraction Tips

In a city that never sleeps, sometimes the night takes you with it, and the next day all the sightseeing you were intending to do can be a challenge. We understand, and that’s why we’ve come up with a few activities and attractions in New York City that you can sit back and enjoy. Best of all, with a customizable New York Pass, you can create an itinerary with as few as two attractions for one low price and explore at your own pace. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and read on. Late night? Here are some New York attractions and activities for the weary: New York City is a great city … [Read more...]


Statue of Liberty Ticket Discount

New York City’s most iconic landmark is a sight to behold in the summer. Tourists from around the world flock to New York to catch a glimpse of Lady Liberty or to climb the stairs to her Crown. The historic monument pays tribute to the immigrant history of our nation, and it’s moving to see the Statue of Liberty and think of those She welcomed into Ellis Island for so many years. There are many ways to see the Statue of Liberty, from the land and from the sea. The best option for you most likely depends on your family’s travel style. Are you okay with waiting in lines to get the ultimate … [Read more...]


Statue of Liberty Reopening on July 4th!

After being closed for months because of damage it suffered during Hurricane Sandy, the Statue of Liberty will reopen to the public on July 4. During the storm, as much as three-fourths of Liberty Island's 12 acres were flooded with water reaching as high as eight feet. Although the Independence Day opening is sure to be a successful one, Ellis Island requires more extensive repairs and will remain closed until further notice. That’s ok, you can always go to the Ellis Island Museum on your next visit! "Sandy inflicted major damage on facilities that support the Statue of Liberty— destroying … [Read more...]

statue of liberty

Statue of Liberty 4th of July

Is there any icon more fundamentally American than our beloved Statue of Liberty? The universal symbol of freedom and democracy was given to the United States as a gift of friendship from France in 1886. This year, join in the celebration of Lady Liberty’s 125th anniversary. Although the Statue’s interior is closed as its pedestal undergoes renovations, there’s still much to do and see on your visit. Every ferry ticket to Liberty Island also includes a stop at Ellis Island, the famous immigration station that welcomed over 12 million immigrants from its opening in 1892 to its closure in … [Read more...]