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10 Free Things to Do in Seattle

Seattle is one of those cities where anything can happen...and probably will. Diversity, in some ways, epitomizes Seattle. Consider the busy, compact city paired with the gorgeous natural landscapes sprawling around it, the historic landmarks like Pioneer Square juxtaposed with contemporary sculpture parks, or the big-time corporations like Amazon and Microsoft beside quintessential mom and pop shops. If you can picture all that, you'll have just a glimpse of what this west coast city is all about. To get a real feel for Seattle, you'll have to do a lot while you're there. But before you … [Read more...]

Bill Speidel's Seattle Underground Tour

The Lowdown on the Seattle Underground Tour

We often think of Seattle as a city at the forefront of progress, home to the headquarters of big names like Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks. Some may know Seattle for its eco-friendly reputation or the world-famous national beauty that surrounds its skyscrapers. Still others may conjure images of popular contemporary attractions like the Space Needle or Olympic National Park. These are all accurate depictions of Seattle, Washington, but many forget about Seattle's unique history as a late 1800's pioneer town. When you think you've seen all there is of Seattle, think again. If you haven't … [Read more...]

olympic sculpture park

7 Unique Things to Do in Seattle for Free

As a big city in the heart of rural Washington, Seattle has always been a little out-of-the-ordinary. Although downtown Seattle is certainly vibrant and sophisticated, you don’t have to go far to find yourself in the depths of natural beauty and outdoor adventure-land; including mountain ranges, waterways, national parks, and the only temperate rainforest in the continental U.S. In Seattle, you’ll see the most high-tech companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and Amazon thriving without impeding on the quality of life experienced by Seattle residents (and tourists!).  There are so many interesting thi … [Read more...]

“World’s Greatest” a Great Way to See the City of Seattle

The World’s Greatest Seattle Walking Tour is the humble name for a two and a half hour tour around downtown Seattle, Belltown, and Pioneer Square. The tour takes you up close to the many sights of the City as your tour guide gives you insights about the characters and events that grew Seattle from fledgling backwater outpost to burgeoning 21st century city. Pike Place Market (watch out for flying fish), WTO riot, grunge, Nordstroms' headquarters, Pioneer Square, Belltown, Seattle Art Museum, the original Starbucks store, Klondike Gold Rush, Great Fire of 1889, Post Alley, the monorail, Smi … [Read more...]

New Partners join the Go Seattle Card Program

Starting in mid-February 2010 holders of the Go Seattle Card get free admission to even more area attractions. Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma and Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in Eatonville are joining the program. "We’ve been impressed with how Smart Destinations has grown both in Washington and in their other destinations,” said Whitney DalBalcon, Marketing and Public Relations Manager of Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. “Their focus on the visitor mirrors our own commitment to providing a world class experience. We’re looking forward to working together.” Point Defiance is no … [Read more...]

Woodinville is for Wine Lovers

Woodinville has become a haven for fine winemakers.  Their commitment to quality is quickly becoming legendary among serious wine enthusiasts, and their wineries have more than doubled in number. Many tasting rooms are open to the public and provide the opportunity to sample and purchase wines straight from the wineries.  Three tasting rooms are open year round and 4 or 5 additional tasting rooms are open to the public on weekends. Visit and taste why Seattle is becoming one of the premier wine regions of the world. The Go Seattle Card includes a wonderful Woodinville Wine tour as one o … [Read more...]

Jim Henson’s Fantastic World Comes to Seattle

From May 23rd through August 16th, 2009, the Experience Music Project|Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (EMP|SFM) will be hosting an amazing exhibit and a number of accompanying events on the magical work of the late Jim Henson.  Jim Henson's Fantastic World is a deep dive into the work of the man behind the Muppets of “The Muppet Show,” “Sesame Street,” and “Fraggle Rock.” The exhibit features artifacts ranging from puppets to cartoons and storyboards to movie props as well as photographs of Henson at work. There is even a hands-on puppet theatre. In addition to his iconic Muppets, … [Read more...]